About Us

This is a team built in 2016 with 3 writers, Jane, Jonathan and Jessica, and 1 website developer, Zane. We are Apple enthusiast using Apple devices for years, and have ever encountered many issues and troubles when using iPhone iPad and other Apple related services.

Fortunately, we love to collect solutions to iProblems and try everything we can to get out. To share what we know and what what we learn, we started this site and named it “iTipBox”, and here we write tips, tricks, news and put Apple things into our “Box”.

What we write on iTipBox?

We write tips and tricks on how to use iOS devices and Apple services. Below are some topics we have posted on iTipBox.com.

What you can do to contribute iTipBox?

If you are one of senior Apple users who want to share some common issues and solutions to help other out, you can submit your contents to us here.