iOS 11 Rumors: iOS 11 Features & Release Date

Apple’s annual developer event WWDC 2017 is just around the corner. The keynote speech that unveils the new operating system, including iOS 11, macOS 10.13, tvOS 11, and watch OS 4, will begins at 10 am, PT on June 5, the first day of WWDC 2017. Of those – in the occasion of the tenth anniversary of iPhone – iOS 11 is absolutely the most talked about one.

So, what iOS 11 features will come into our iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in this fall? According varies of rumors and analyses, we’ve already knew some new features that is likely to come with iOS 11 before Apple officially introduces them. Now, let’s have a look at these new features that may come with iOS 11.

iOS 11 Features That May Come Into iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

1. Smarter Siri

There isn’t too much improvement with Siri since iOS 10. What actions Siri can perform with third-party apps is still limited. To compete with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Siri will be given a full upgrade in iOS 11 with expanded abilities. Allegedly, Siri will integrate with iMessage and iCloud to offer users intelligent context-based suggestions.

More importantly, Siri’s data with be able to synchronize to iCloud, which helps Siri identify your different devices that associated an Apple ID. Thus, Siri can know all your preferences across different operating system including iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS, and offer you corresponding actions and responses.

2. More Powerful FaceTime

Though the group video calling feature has already been one of the core features of Skype, Facebook and Google Hangouts, FaceTime still supports one-to-one video call mode only. According to an Israeli website, iOS 11 will finally add FaceTime group calls that can support up to 5 people participating in a call.

What’s more, iOS 11 will also bring improvements to FaceTime Audio. It is said that Apple will switch FaceTime Audio as the default way of making calls between iPhone users. With this feature, users can have better calling experience using high-speed network.

3. New Sleep Tracking App

At the beginning of May, Apple acquired Beddit Sleep Monitor, a famous app and sleep system designed to monitor daily sleep quality. So, it won’t surprise us if Apple adds a sleep tracking app in iOS 11.

Beddit needs to cooperate with sensor hardware to collect user’s sleep-related data like sleep time and efficiency, heart rate, respiration, movement, snoring, room temperature, etc. Thus, Apple may need some time to improve the compatibility between Beddit and Apple Watch. So it could be possible that iOS 11 won’t pre-install the new sleep tracking app until the final release.

4. iMessage P2P Payments

Apple keeps improving Apple Pay service since it was launched. And now, Apple Pay has been available in 16 countries and regions, including the United States, Britain, Australia, China and so on. The peer-to-peer payments can be helpful to boost Apple Pay adoption and usage.

By integrating peer-to-peer payments into iMessage in iOS 11, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are able to send money to other Apple Pay users with ease.

5. Automatic Low Power Mode

Since introduced in iOS 10, the low power mode hasn’t got any improvement. There are rumors that Apple will introduce an automatic low power mode in iOS 11. It can intelligently analyze your battery usage habit, establish your personalized schedule, and therefore automatically enable low power mode for you.

However, there are also rumors that because Apple expects to cooperate with the new iPhone hardware to achieve more intelligent results, the new automatic low power mode is still under discussion. At present, it’s not clear whether this feature will be available in iOS 11.

6. Dark Mode

Dark Mode, which could also be called as Night Mode or Theater Mode, is considered as one of the most anticipated feature in iOS 11. It can change the background of screen from light color shades to black or dark grey to make it easier for you to use iPhone at night.

iOS 10 code reveled hidden dark mode but it wasn’t launched. If iPhone 8 really integrate OLED screen, the dark mode will be absolutely essential to reduce battery consumption and extend battery life.

7. New Files App

[Update: June 4, 2017 11:32 pm PT] Several hours before WWDC 2017 keynote speech, a placeholder – Files app that developed by Apple silently appeared on App Store, according to famous developer – Steven Troughton-Smith’s Twitter.

After a long time of waiting, Apple finally give response to users. It seems only a few people can find this app on App Store, without any screenshot. The description for this app is “Files app for iOS”. Currently there isn’t more details about Files app, but it is highly likely that the Files app will be built-in to iOS 11.

The Release Date of iOS 11

Of course, the official version of iOS 11 will be released in mid-September, along with iPhone 8. But we can preview iOS 11 features in WWDC 2017 keynote. The first iOS 11 developer beta is expected to be available on June 5, followed by a public beta version in July. By the time, we’ll able to know more about iOS 11 features.

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