Manage Android Content Wirelessly Across Desktop, Web and Mobile App

While the Android Smartphone is now in the hands of everyone, there’s barely much you can do with the limited screen view and screen size available on such devices. But that shouldn’t in anyway limit your possibilities as you can manage content on Android across other platforms like desktop, and also be able to effectively manage all the data on your Android device.

AnyTrans, the top-notch software by iMobie has made the first remarkable update for 2019, making it pretty easy to manage content on Android by combining the desktop program, mobile app, and web app in a seamless platform, offering the best-in-class Android device manager that covers all facet of content management across multiple devices.

The software offers a comprehensive Android content manager with an easier & simpler interface that can wirelessly connect via Wi-Fi, allowing you to move contents from iOS to Android, and also migrate every important item from your iPhone, iPad, iTunes library or iCloud backups. For the first time, Android users can transfer photos, videos, and other media items from their phone and computer to iOS device instantly, no need to download any additional program on PC/Mac. AnyTrans also allow sharing of files from phone-to-phone by simply scanning a QR code.

Android manager – AnyTrans for Android

With desktop program – you can enjoy an in-depth & seamless content manager to get all Android data & files well-organized as wished easier and simpler than ever before. No matter you want to manage photos, contacts, messages, or any files, AnyTrans helps you make it just a few clicks away. In addition, it also works as a 1-click transfer that allows you to move all content from iPhone to your new Android phone, including new Samsung Galaxy S10, or Huawei P30(Pro).

On web app – you can make an instant data transfer with lighter experience. No need to download any software on PC/Mac, AnyTrans helps you move your new songs or videos to your phone in a direct way. On the contrary, you can also export all your memorable photos to your computer for permanent preservation. Skip tedious steps, simply scan a QR code, and everything is done as you wanted.

With a mobile app – now you have a quick file sharing tool on your Android device. No USB cables required, you can directly share important & commonly-used files, including photos, videos, music and more between two phones seamlessly. Better yet, you can also access to SIM card on your Android phone and manage content, including edit, delete, add, rename files as you like, more convenient and delightful.

Wrap Up

AnyTrans offers a one-stop solution to fully manage your Android phone/tablet contents anytime, anywhere. Simply download the latest Release of AnyTrans for iOS & Android, or Web (compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac).

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