Locate AirPods with “Find My AirPods” in iOS 10.3

Are you still looking high and low for your small AirPods? Thankfully Apple added new “Find My AirPods” feature in iOS 10.3.

AirPods, the first-ever Bluetooth headphones of Apple, deliver users new experience while using Apple devices with a reliable wireless connection. However, they are easily misplaced because they are so small and lightweight. Obviously Apple knows that and finally added “Find My AirPods” function to Find My iPhone app in iOS 10.3.

New Features of iOS 10.3 - Find My AirPods
New Features of iOS 10.3 – Find My AirPods

How to Track Your AirPods Using Find My AirPods

To find your misplaced AirPods in iOS 10.3, open Find My iPhone app with your iPhone or iPad, then select your AirPods from the device list and check the last known location. If the AirPods are in Bluetooth range of your iOS device, you can tap on “Play Sound” within Find My iPhone app to have your AirPods play a sound so that you can easily track your missing AirPods. This can be extremely helpful when you misplace one or both AirPods in a blind corner of your sofa or bed, isn’t it?

As iOS 10.3 is available now, you can download and install iOS 10.3 to have a try, but don’t forget to back up your device before upgrade.

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