iCloud Photo Library Not Uploading on iPhone iPad

With iCloud Photo Library, you can share recently taken pictures from iPhone iPad to other iCloud-connected devices. But after software update, some people reported that iCloud photos library not uploading on iPhone iPad and stuck on “uploading xxx items” on Photos app.

Actually, this issue happened since the beta of iCloud photo library in iOS 8, and Joseph started this topic to look for the solution to not uploading issue. Below we assemble a list of tips that may wok on this issue.

How to Fix iCloud Photo Library Stuck on Uploading on iPhone iPad

Make sure you have signed in iCloud on your device, and device is connected to Wi-Fi and charged.

1.Restart your device.

Power off your iPhone or iPad and then turn it on.

2.Disable iCloud Photo Library and then enable it on Settings app > iCloud > Photos.

Disable and Enable iCloud Photo library
Disable and Enable iCloud Photo library

3.Buy more iCloud storage or free up iCloud storage.

You can’t upload photos to iCloud photo library if you have no enough iCloud storage space. If you want to buy iCloud Storage on iPhone, you can go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Buy More Storage.

Buy More iCloud Storage
Buy More iCloud Storage

4. Update iPhone iPad or iPod touch to latest iOS 10.2.1.

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