How to Speed Up iCloud Backup iPhone 7

iCloud could be a good tool to wirelessly backup data and settings on your new iPhone 7. And if there’s not much data on your device and you are connecting it to a stable Wi-Fi network, the iCloud backup process could go fast in a short time.

But there are some people facing the problem of slow speed when backing up their iPhone and it shows “backing up, about x hours remaining“.

And this issue did happen to new iPhone 7 users. So why it takes many hours to backup an iPhone? And how to speed up iCloud backup on iPhone 7? We are going to talk about these.

Why iCloud Backup takes hours?

The iCloud backup speed mainly depends on the speed of Wi-Fi Network and the size of your data waiting to be backed up. Therefore, if you are connected to a slow Wi-Fi, or you have so much data on your iPhone 7, iCloud backup process may takes hours and so slow.

How to Speed up iCloud backup on iPhone?

Step 1. Make sure you connected your iPhone 7 to Wi-Fi network. And check whether the Wi-Fi goes in normal and has a fast speed. You can check it by watching youtube videos on your iPhone 7 safari browser. If it runs so slow, change another WiFi if possible.

Step 2. Check how many data you are going to backup from your iPhone 7 to iCloud. Going to Settings app > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage > This iPhone under BACKUPS > Next Backup Size. If it’s in a large size, you can adjust items you are going to backup.

Check iCloud backup size on iPhone 7
Check iCloud backup size on iPhone 7

Step 3. Check iCloud server status. If Apple iCloud server goes wrong, what you can do is just wait and wait.

If iCloud Backup still takes so many hours?

You can change another way to backup your iPhone 7. For example, you can use iTunes to backup your iPhone 7 to computer, which also save your data and settings. If you prefer to backup without using computer, there are also some iCloud alternatives to backup files on your iPhone 7 in a wireless way, like DropBox.

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