Is Amber Alert Useful on Your iPhone?

In United States, the iPhone 7 offers Amber Alert to keep you informed with imminent safety threats and extreme weather conditions, absolutely sometimes which is extremely useful to save life.

But if you have enabled this feature on Settings > Notification, your iPhone will make a special sound when receiving any Amber Alert, which will make you annoyed and scared sometimes. And some users complained iPhone Amber Alert’s delay in notifying the events.

So we should turn off iPhone Amber Alert?

Apple does offer the way to disable this alert on your iPhone. (Settings app > Notification, on the bottom you’ll find the switch button to enable or disable this feature). But you are not suggested to turn off Amber Alert on your iPhone in case of some real disaster. And about the terrifying sound, Apple should do some change to make it varies from events.

You may have some ideas on iPhone Amber Alert, just leave them on the comment section.

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