What to Do If App Store Not Downloading Apps?

All kinds of different apps of App Store will be updated irregularly to provide more new features, fix some bugs, etc. When you try to download or upgrade some apps, they might get interrupted in the process of downloading. Please refer to the steps below to fix this issue.

What to Do If App Store Not Downloading Apps?

1. Connect to W-Fi.

Please check whether you using cellular data or Wi-Fi to download the apps. If you are using Wi-Fi and have the downloading issue, please try to connect to other Wi-Fi network to have a try. If you use cellular data, please check whether the size of app is larger than 150 MB. Please use the cellular data to download the app that the size is smaller than 150 MB.

2. Pause and restart the download.

You can tap the app icon that is downloading to pause it, and then you can kindly tap it again to continue downloading.

Or you can launch the App Store and tap the Update button to see downloads in process.

3. Reboot your device.

If you can see the app icon on your device, but it’s dim or has white with lines on it, please don’t delete the app. Please restart your device firstly and then open your App Store on your device and download the app again.

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