Top 5 Best Free Ringtone Apps for iPhone with Reviews

If you want to customize your own ringtones or download some free ringtones on your new bought iPhone 7, iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X. There are some best iPhone ringtones apps that you can use. They can make songs as your ringtones, record sounds as tones and even directly download free ringtones on your new iPhone.

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However, not all ringtones app is always being updated for the latest iOS and iPhone generation. For example, the Ringtone Designer from BLACKOUT LABS is one of top rated free iPhone ringtones app with 5000+ ratings in 4.5 stars before, but haven’t been updated for 4 years and now cannot supports iOS 10 and iPhone 7 well.

Therefore, in this post, to help you get the best iPhone ringtone apps, we write this post and offers 5 best ringtones programs for you with their features, price, and user ratings.

Note: These ringtone software apply to iPhone X/8/76/6s/5/5s. And most of them are compatible with the new released iOS 11 GM. 

  1. Ringtones for iPhone Free
  2. Ringtones for iPhone Free from Byss Mobile
  3. Ringtones Free from Paul Danaher
  4. Ringtone Free from Weitar Chen
  5. Ringtone Maker from Zentertain Ltd

1. Ringtones for iPhone – Free Ringtone App

This iPhone ringtones app could be one of best apps that help you add/create your custom ringtones, text tones and alert tones as you like. It fully supports the newest iOS 11, and supports iPhone iPad iPod touch.

Ringtones for iPhone free
Custom Ringtone App – Ringtones for iPhone free


  • Offer kinds of categories, such as funny sounds, christmas tones, classical and more.
  • Help you make custom ringtones with songs on your iPhone music library.
  • Record your tones with microphone on your iPhone.

Users Ratings: 5 Stars

The current version have more than 1000 ratings with 5 stars, but you are advised to have a try because these ratings may be something fake.

2. Byss Mobile – iPhone Ringtone App

This Byss Mobile ringtone app is all in one free ringtones app fully compatible with your iPhone in iOS 10 and iOS 11. It helps you convert mp3 and AAC from iTunes music to ringtones. And you can also use it to record your own ringtones on your iOS device.

Ringtones for iPhone Free from Byss Mobile
Ringtones for iPhone Free from Byss Mobile

Key Features

  • Helps you easily adjust start time and end time of ringtone.
  • With the feature of fade in and fade out.
  • Helps you adjust pitch and volume of your tones.
  • With trim and cut done.

Price of this app

This app is free for only one month and it require to pay for ringtones library update and editing features.

Users Ratings: 4+ Stars

The new version of this app collected 30 ratings with 4 stars. But the previous version shows it has more than 20000 ratings with 4.5 stars. So you can have a try on this iPhone ringtones maker.

3. Paul Danaher – Free Ringtone App

This Paul Danaher free iPhone ringtones app was recently updated on Oct 17, 2016 and fully supports from iOS 7 to iOS 11, works flawlessly with your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It helps you preview and download ringtones to your iPhone 7. But it requires you to review this app before using. So don’t believe its reviews so much.

Ringtones Free from Paul Danaher
Paul Danaher iPhone Ringtone App

Key Features

  • Browse and download popular and newest ringtones.
  • Offers many categories you can choose, including Blue, Classical, Comedy, Country etc.

Ratings: 4+ Stars

Has more than 200 ratings with 4+ stars on this version. And 3000+ ratings with 4.5 stars on all version.

4. Ringtone Free from Weitao Chen – Free

This Weitao Chen app is one of best custom ringtone apps that help you easily create custom iPhone ringtones with your loved songs or your own sounds. This version is updated on December of 2016, so I think it also supports your iPhone 7 and even the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

iPhone Ringtone Free from Weitao Chen
Custom Ringtone App from Weitao Chen


  • Create iPhone ringtones from songs and recorded sounds.
  • Customize start times and end times of your ringtones.
  • With fade in and fade out.
  • Required to sync with iTunes to get ringtones.

Rating: 5 Stars

299 Ratings with 5 stars and all previous versions also get 2000+ 5 stars ratings.

5. Ringtone Maker from Zentertain Ltd – Custom Ringtone App

This iPhone ringtone maker helps you choose any part of song to be your tone on your iPhone. And it can customize your Text Tone, Tweet Tone, Alert Tone, Mail Tone and Reminder Tone with the feature: fade in, fade out, control start time and make ringtone with recorded sounds.

Ringtone Maker for iPhone 7 from Zentertain Ltd
Ringtone Maker for iPhone 7 from Zentertain Ltd

This price of this app is free and this company also offers a paid version with improved features.

Submit your top best ringtone apps for iPhone X/87/7 Plus, iPhone 6 and other iOS devices, and give your ideas by commenting. We’ll keep this post updated by removing the bad, adding the new and rising the good ringtones programs.

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  1. There is a new one. It’s a great new approach for free. It’s called Tuunes® Ringtones & Text Tones.

    1. Daniel, thanks for your sharing! But this app’s reviews and ratings in iTunes store are absolutely fake from one day “January 10, 2017”. You’d better try it before sharing and give us some real best ringtone apps for iPhone 7 or 7 Plus! Thanks all the same.

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