CleanMyMac 3 Review: An All-in-one Solution to Clean Up And Revive your Mac

CleanMyMac 3
CleanMyMac 3

By years of use, most of Mac users inevitably face a mess of system junks like caches, log files, app leftovers, duplicated files etc. These junk files will not only cause you storage issues with your hard drive, but also slow down your Mac computer. Thus, it is necessary to clean up unused files and folders on Mac regularly. However, this is not a simple task for many Mac users to complete.

And that’s why there are so many software company launched disk cleaners for Mac computer. Among hundreds of Mac cleaning tools you can find from Google, CleanMyMac 3, which developed by MacPaw.Inc., stands out for its all-in-one solutions to free up your Mac storage space and improve Mac performance. Now let’s know more about this mac cleaning tool in the following.

About CleanMyMac

Price: with free trial and starting at $39.95

System requirements: for OS X 10.9 and later, 62 MB space

Key features:

  • Smartly scan cleanup tools help you remove variety types of junk files on your Mac;
  • Multiple useful utilities allow you to easily optimize your Mac’s performance;
  • The concise interface and design let you handle the software without any help.

What Can CleanMyMac 3 Do

With clear interface, CleanMyMac 3 actually integrates several utilities that supports cleaning, maintaining, and monitoring your Mac computer.

1. Cleaning

CleanMyMac 3 can safely scan your disk and identify which unused files are taking up your storage space. Those junk files include system junk, photo cache, mail attachments, iTunes junk, trash bins, and the large and old files. Then according your own needs, you can choose to selectively remove them or use its “Smart Cleanup” mode to quickly delete all junk files with one click.

But here’s one thing you should know, the time for scanning & removal is in accordance with how much junk files on your Mac. If you have dozens of gigabytes of junk, the scanning & removal time may up to several quarters or even hours.

2. Maintenance

Except the main cleanup feature, CleanMyMac also include a series of useful utilities that can optimize your Mac.

Uninstaller: Different the simply dragging the app to the Trash, CleanMyMac 3 gives you a more thorough way to remove apps to remove apps from your Mac. By using the app uninstaller module, you are able to remove the app as well as it leftovers like caches, preferences, saved states, and more.

Maintenance: The maintenance tool in CleanMyMac 3 can optimize your Mac by running a set of maintenance scripts,  such as repairing disk permission, verifying startup disk, reindexing spotlight, etc. If you are new to Mac OS, this module can be really helpful for you.

Privacy: To protect your privacy, you can use CleanMyMac 3’s privacy utility to clear your browsing data like cookies, history, downloads, etc. Besides, it also supports deleting footprints in chat apps. However, where CleanMyMac 3 falls short is that it only support cleaning chatting history in Skype and Apple Messages app.

Extensions: There are many add-ons installed on your computer and some of them may even have never been used. CleanMyMac 3 can detect different widgets, extensions, plugins on your computer and lets you view and manage them in one place.

Shredder: This is a very useful utility to completely erase data from Mac. Sometimes, the deleted files on your Mac can be recoverable by third-party recovery software, which will pose a threat to your privacy. So if there are any files you no longer want to keep, you can use CleanMyMac 3’s shredder to permanently erase them from your Mac. As the files erased with CleanMyMac 3 are irrecoverable, you should be careful to avoid shredding wrong files.

3. Health & Monitoring

This feature shows you the real-tme status of processor, memory usage, and battery information. It also offers alerts you heavy memory use, low SSD life, high disk temperature, and so on. So you can keep an eye on the hardware health of your Mac. In addition, it even send notifications to remind you to empty a full trash bin,  force quit unresponsive apps, and free up RAM.


CleanMyMac 3 is incredibly easy to use for those people who are new to Mac OS. With years of experience on Mac cleaning, CleanMyMac 3 built its own algorithm to detect junk files on Mac. If you can’t tell which files to delete, or don’t have much time to find junks on your Mac, you can use CleanMyMac 3 to help you correctly detect and safely remove junks on your computer. But if you are an advanced Mac user, you probably don’t need this software.

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