2 Methods to Send Confetti Effect on iPhone iPad

Confetti effect is one of full screen effect coming with iOS 10. And there are 5 effects, including ballon, confetti, laser, fireworks and shooting star in iOS 10. And later in iOS 10.2, two more effects, love and celebration, were added. So if you want to use iOS 10 confetti or other congratulation effects, you must update your device to iOS 10 or iOS 10.1/10.2. Below we tell you how to send Confetti effect and what to do if Confetti not working on your device.

How to send Confetti effect in iOS 10

Method 1. Send “Congrats”.

The easiest way to send an confetti effect to someone is, just type “congrats” in your iMessage input box, and send it to somebody whose iOS device supports this effect. (If you send “Happy New Year”, it will automatically send Firework effect. And “Happy Birthday” activates the Balloon effect.)

Method 2. Long press “Send” icon.

  1. Before sending full screen effects in iOS 10, you should type some texts in the input box.
  2. After typing, just press and hold the sending icon on the left and go to Bubble and Effect page. If you are using a 3D Touch device, you should deep press the icon to get the page.
  3. Click effect and swipe left to find Confetti effect. After, just tap send icon to send texts with this full screen effect.

If confetti effect not working in iOS 10?

  1. You should make sure you are using iOS 10 updates on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and have turned on iMessages under Settings > Message.
  2. In addition, you should make sure the contact that you are sending is also using iMessage.
  3. Of course, sometimes, the bad network will stop you sending iMessage bubble effect. Therefore, you can reset network setting or do something to improve your network connecting satiation.
  4. In iOS 10, some people reported bubble effect wouldn’t work if enabling Reduce Motion under Settings > General > Accessibility. So you can try to disable this item on your device to make iOS 10 Confetti work.

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