How to Downgrade iTunes to Previous Version on Windows and Mac

iTunes 12.6.1 was released recently and brings new features. After updating to  iTunes 12.6.1, you may unluckily get some problems, such as iTunes keeps crashing and iTunes invalid response on your computer.

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To fix your iTunes issues, you may have tried several solutions but all of them don’t work. Therefore, you may like to downgrade iTunes to previous version instead of trying other solutions. After all, the older iTunes version works well on your computer.

However, Apple official website doesn’t offer its users the method to downgrade iTunes to previous version. So is there a way for you to remove current iTunes version and reinstall the previous? In this post, we gives you the method to downgrade iTunes app on Windows and Mac computer step by step. And these methods normally works for iTunes 12.6 and iTunes 12.5.

How to Downgrade iTunes on Windows 10/8/7:

  1. Uninstall iTunes completely, including all components like Apple Mobile Device Support and Apple Application Support. Sometimes when you cannot uninstall these iTunes components, you can try again after disabling anti-virus software, Windows User Account Control and some repairing software.
  2. Go to C:/Users/[PC Name]/Music/iTunes, and change the extension of iTune Library .itl to iTunes Library.bak.
  3. Restart computer, download iTunes previous version and install previous version.

Note: you can google “iTunes old versions” to find more iTunes in old versions.

How to Downgrade iTunes on Mac/MacBook/iMac:

  1. Quit your iTunes and iTunes Helper process by using Activity Monitor on Applications > Utilities > Memory.
  2. Go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal and enter the command sudo rm -r /Applications/
  3. Download previous iTunes and reinstall your iTunes on your Mac.
  4. Rebuild your iTunes library.

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