iPhone 7 Created Duplicates Birthdays Calendars – How to Delete?

The built-in Calendar app on iPhone 7 is free and easy to use, and could be your number one choice to record and organize your Calendars, no matter birthdays, holidays or your custom ones. Recently, after restoring or updating iPhone 7 to new iOS update, some users reported that their iPhone 7 Calendars app created so many duplicate Birthdays Calendars under OTHER, FACEBOOK, ICLOUD or On My iPhone .

“hi! Just got my new iPhone 7, restored from iCloud Backup, and hundreds of Calendar and Birthday calendars, what to do?”

from CJ Gaspari, @ChrisSleeze, 26 Nov 2016

“Bug: My iPhone calendar is exponentially creating ‘intelligent’ birthday calendars with no way to stop it”

from Anthony Mann @objectCreat, 5 Dec 2016

Methods to Delete Duplicate Birthdays Calendars on iPhone 7

You may also drop into this issue and get so many Birthdays calendars on your iPhone 7, then how to get rid of them? Below are some methods that you can have a try.

1. Refresh calendar list

Apple has posted about how to fix duplicate iCloud calendars on its official website. And in the post, it said you can open the Calendar app, tab Calendars on the middle-bottom of the screen. After that, you can swipe down to refresh all calendars, which may help you remove the duplicated birthdays calendar. But the feedback in the end of the post shows only 8% of people found the post helpful. So if this method doesn’t work, just try the next below.

2. Delete one by one

It’s true that things goes complicated if you want to delete hundreds of duplicated calendars one by one. But it’s really a method to remove the duplicates if the duplicates are not in a big amount. Of course, you may found some items you cannot delete because after you tap the edit, the items are grey out and cannot be hit in. If you face this issues, go ahead to try the next method.

3. Software update

This is the last method in this post, you may need a software update on your iPhone 7. Your countless birthdays calendar may be just one of iOS bugs, and the iOS update may fix this issue and remove your duplicates. Of course, you can submit this bug to Apple inc.

If you have some ideas to fix this iPhone duplicates Calendar issue, you can post it on the below comment section to discuss!

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One thought on “iPhone 7 Created Duplicates Birthdays Calendars – How to Delete?”

  1. I’ve had iPads since iPad 2. It seems like the U.S. holidays have ALWAYS been duplicated, but maybe it’s only been iOS 10 and 11. Only one calendar is checked in Settings>Calendar. Only the Home calendar is checked in “Calendars” at the bottom middle on the app. I can delete one if I tap “HIDE ALL” but that also hides all of the repeated events I have added. How can I delete ONLY one of the duplicated HOLIDAYS? (One is green and the other is purple.)

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