FaceApp – A Funny Face Morphing App That Can Transform Your Face Using Artificial Intelligence

Have you noticed that a funny face-morphing app name FaceApp exploded into great popularity recently? If you go to App Store on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll definitely find this app standing on the top position of free app list. Unlike the average face-morphing apps that just make your face look better, FaceApp allows you to transform your face older or younger, change the gender of your selfie or add a smile to your face. Of course, there is also a “Spark” filter that can lighten and smooth your skin.

FaceApp is developed by a small team out of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It uses neural networks to modify a face on any photo while keeping it photorealistic.

Admittedly, the result of adding smile looks so amazing because it is not just moving your lips, but make your whole face changes in an extremely natural way.

FaceApp - Add Smile to Your Face
FaceApp – Add Smile to Your Face

As for the gender-changing feature, it seems that FaceApp can do a better job in changing male selfies to females than altering female selfies to males. Perhaps because it is more complicated to modify female long hair when changing female selfies to males. Nevertheless, it still turns out some convincing results quite often.

FaceApp - Change Gender
FaceApp – Change Gender

Another main feature of FaceApp is the aging effect, which makes you look younger or older. It may show you unreal results sometimes, but it’s still a good feature for fun.

FaceApp - Age Your Face
FaceApp – Age Your Face

The transformations are usually satisfactory as long as you take a picture in a good light. And you can collage different transformations and then share the image on social networks like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

FaceApp is available in both Apple App Store and Google Play and is free to download. Although it is not perfect now, we can look forward further enhancements in the following updates.

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