How to Fix iPhone 7 Alarm Not Going Off

Zane said recently after he updated to iOS 10.2.1, his iPhone 7 Alarm didn’t work to wake him up, it just showed alarm icon but no sound, which made him miss his morning meeting. If your iPhone Alarm not going off, your life will be messed up just like Zane. So in this tutorial, we’ll talk about this iPhone alarm problem and gives some solutions.

Why your iPhone Alarm not going off?

1. Alarm Sound

Usually, setting the alarm clock is very simple, and if you have added some Alarms using iPhone Clock app, it will wake you at the correct time. But if you set the Alarm sound to be “None”, your Alarm won’t going off.

iPhone Alarm Sound
iPhone Alarm Sound

2. Mute Switcher

On the left side of your iPhone, make sure you didn’t set your iPhone to be silence with the Mute Switcher. (When you turn on the Mute mode, it’ll show you red color in the switcher. And your alarm won’t make sound to wake you up.)

iPhone Mute Switch
iPhone Mute Switch

3. Ringer and Alert Volume

On Settings app > Sounds, check the sound volume of Ringer and Alerts. If it is off or set too low, the Alarm can’t wake you up. You need adjust the sound volume and make sure it loud enough.

iPhone Alarm Volume Setting
iPhone Alarm Volume Setting

4. Other issues

Some unknown issues may cause this problem after updating to a new iOS operating system. So sometimes, your iPhone alarm may not working after updating to new iOS 10.2.1 or iOS 10.3.

How to Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working?

  • Check Alarm Sound, Mute Switcher and Sound Volume. The alarm sound is closely related to theses items.
  • Add a new Alarm and delete the old ones.
  • Restart your iPhone. Some users said this tip sometimes work on this alarm issue.
  • Use third-party Alarm apps. If iPhone built-in Alarm Clock doesn’t work, you can have a try on other similar apps.

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