iMobie PhoneTrans Review 2019:Can It Transfer Device Music to Computer Freely?

PhoneTrans is a transfer software which is free to download and install. It can help users easily transfer Music, Ringtones, Audiobooks, Voice Memos, Movies, Photos, Apps and more from iPhone to PC/Mac freely. This PhoneTrans Review will provide you more information about PhoneTrans.

Can PhoneTrans transfer music from device to computer freely? In this PhoneTrans review, I will test its transfer function and share the testing process and results with you.

Contents of PhoneTrans Review

  1. What is PhoneTrans?
  2. Who needs PhoneTrans?
  3. What file type does PhoneTrans support?
  4. What device type does PhoneTrans support?
  5. Is PhoneTrans safe?
  6. Is PhoneTrans free?
  7. Can it transfer music from device to computer?
  8. My Opinion on PhoneTrans
  9. Alternatives of PhoneTrans

What Is PhoneTrans?

PhoneTrans is a transfer software, which helps users to transfer data between iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) and computer, including Music, Ringtones, Audiobooks, Voice Memos, Movies, Photos, Apps and other files.

Who Needs PhoneTrans?

As a transfer software, the main purpose of PhoneTrans is to transfer data from device to computer, vice versa. For those people who want to back up their data on computer regularly and freely, PhoneTrans is a good choice.

What File Type Does PhoneTrans Support?

Media Content: Music, Ringtone, Audiobooks, Voice Memos, Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Home Videos, Camera Roll, Books, Apps, Podcasts, iTunes U.

What Device Type Does PhoneTrans Support?

Supported Devices:

iOS version: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

System Requirements:

Windows: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (64bit & 32bit)

Mac: OS X 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8

Download Links:

PhoneTrans for Windows: Click here.

PhoneTrans for Mac: Click here.

Is PhoneTrans safe?

Yes, it is. I install and use it on my Windows laptop (Windows 10, HP) and Mac (Mac OS X EI Caption). PhoneTrans is 100% safe and free of malware and virus.

Is PhonTrans free?

Yes, PhoneTrans is a free transfer software. User can use it to transfer data freely.

Can it transfer music from device to computer?

As a music lover, I would like to transfer my music from device to computer regularly. Today, I will test the free transfer software – PhoneTrans and show you my test below.

Note: To let PhoneTrans detects your device, it is noteworthy that you need to download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer at first. However, to avoid automatically sync process, please do not launch iTunes when using PhoneTrans.


Step 1: I download and install PhoneTrans on my Mac (Mac OS X EI Caption). Once I connect my iPhone 6S to computer, PhoneTrans detects it immediately.

PhoneTrans Review – Step 1
PhoneTrans Review – Step 1

Step 2: About 2 minutes later, PhoneTrans shows all data on my device. I click Music tab on the main interface. Then, I select 57 songs to transfer and click  button.

PhoneTrans Review – Step 2
PhoneTrans Review – Step 2

Step 3: Once I click button, a windows pop up to let me choose the export path. I set my desktop as the export path. PhoneTrans begins to transfer my music to computer. It takes about 4 minutes to transfer my 57 songs.

PhoneTrans Review – Step 3
PhoneTrans Review – Step 3


  • For free
  • Less transfer time
  • Easy to operate


  • Less supported file types
  • Have not updated for a long time
  • Does not support to manage data in iTunes

My Opinion on PhoneTrans

According to my test, PhoneTrans is a cool software to manage my device data. It is easy to use and it supports transfer data freely. With its fast transfer speed, I can transfer my data without barriers.

But I need to point out that PhoneTrans does have its disadvantages. It only supports transfer some media data, like Music, Ringtones, Movies, Photos. But sometimes, I also want to transfer my Personal data (messages, notes, contacts, etc). It’s a pity I cannot use it to manage these data. Besides, it only supports transfer data between device and computer. It could be better if it can transfer data between iOS devices. But as a free software, I think its positive qualities far outweigh any negative ones.

All in all, I think PhoneTrans is a nice iOS content transfer software. And it is easy to use with its simple interface. If you want to transfer media data freely, PhoneTrans is worthy of trying.

Alternatives of PhoneTrans (Free & Paid)

PodTrans – Free. PodTrans can help you transfer your iPod data to computer. But it can only be used for iPod. And like PhoneTrans, PodTrans will no longer be updated anymore.

AnyTrans for iOS – Paid. AnyTrans for iOS is from iMobie company, it is the upgrade version of PhoneTrans. With AnyTrans for iOS, you not only can enjoy all functions PhoneTrans supports, but can also enjoy some other functions as well. For example, it supports to back up your device, transfer your data from Android to iOS device, make custom ringtones, etc. Its personal license code (can be used on one computer) costs $39.99, Family license code (can be used on five computers at most) costs $59.99.

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