iOS 10.3 Replaced Old HFS with New Apple File System (APFS)

New released iOS 10.3 brings many features to iOS users. And the most big change in this new update is that iOS 10.3 uses new Apple File System – APFS instead of the old HFS. Then why Apple make this change? And what the benefits of this new file system? We are going to talk about these.

Why use Apple File System (APFS) in iOS 10.3 ?

Apple released lots new generations on hardwares, such as iPhone 7, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 2016, but never changed its file systems, the file system of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is always HFS before, which has been existed for about 30 years, since 1985. And the old file system may be not so good and generated some issues.

What’s the benefits of new APFS in iOS 10.3?

According to Apple, there are many benefits APFS will bring to you. And Apple has done many things to develop this new file system. And below we offers some of them.

  1. Improvement on support for flash and SSDs on iOS devices.
  2. Better encryption. APFS supports single-key encryption and multi-key encryption for files and sensitive metadata protection.
  3. Safeguard data integrity and protect your system from crashing.
  4. Save more storage space. Some iOS 10.3 beta tester find they gains much storage space after updating to new iOS 10.3.

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