iOS 11 Adds Animated GIFs Photo Album for iPhone iPad

The first beta of Apple’s iOS 11 brings a new feature people wanted for a long time – supports playing saved gifs on Photos app. We’ve installed iOS 11 beta 1 on our iPhone and iPad, and got a test on this feature.

For android users, this feature may be not something new because gif playing is an ordinary feature on Android for a long time. However this is so good for iOS users. Because before iOS 11 beta, all the animated pictures on iOS device will be put to Photos app and saved like a static picture, and there is no way to play Gifs on iPhone except you share them.

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iOS 11 New Animated Albums Stores All GIFs

After we went to Photos app on our iPhone 6s, we found a completely new built-in Album “Animated”, which stores all our downloaded gifs pictures.

iOS 11 Animated GIF Album
iOS 11 Animated GIF Album

iOS 11 Auto-Play GIFs When Preview

Besides, when we tapped one picture to have a preview, it will automatically play the gif picture, which is absolutly cheerful thing for all iOS users.

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