iOS 11 Adds Animated GIFs Photo Album for iPhone iPad

Apple’s iOS 11 brings a new feature people wanted for a long time – supports playing saved GIFs on Photos app. We’ve installed iOS 11 on our iPhone and iPad, and got a test on this feature since the beta 1.

For android users, this feature may be not something new because GIF playing is an ordinary feature on Android for a long time. However this is so good for iOS users. Because before iOS 11, all the animated pictures saved on iOS Photos app are like a static picture, and there is no way to play the Gifs on Photos app.

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iOS 11 New Animated Albums Stores All GIFs

After we went to Photos app on our iPhone 6s, we found a completely new built-in Album “Animated”, which stores all our downloaded gifs pictures.

iOS 11 Animated GIF Album
iOS 11 Animated GIF Album

iOS 11 Auto-Play GIFs When Preview

Besides, when we tapped one picture to have a preview, it will automatically play the gif picture, which is absolutly cheerful thing for all iOS users.

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