Here: Find Something Funny about iOS 11 Emojis

Do you love using emoji when chatting with others on iPhone? If yes, you must be very curious about what new emojis in upcoming iOS 11 will look like. Now, you can have a quick preview of current emoji samples designed for 2017 on emoji reference website Emojipedia.

Emoji 5 sample images for 2017
Emoji 5 sample images for 2017 (Image Credit:

There are a total of 69 new emoji candidates for 2017 update. All of them are designed in “Apple Style” and waiting to be supported by vendors, which shows what these emoji may look like in iOS 11. This emoji collection contains a wild range of items, including food, people, drink, smileys, flags, and for the first time, new fantasy characters like vampire, fairy and mermaid, which is a big surprise.

There is also a 2017 emoji list on Emojipedia website, to let you know what meaning that each emoji actually expresses, as well the emoji update changes compared with the former version. Just head to have a look, and you will know something funny about iOS 11 emoji.

These wonderful and funny iOS 11 emojis are expected to hit your iPhone iPad this September, since upcoming iOS 11 will be introduced at the first-day keynote of WWDC 2017 on June 5. And you are warmly welcomed to share your feelings about iOS 11 emoji with us in comment section.

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