iOS 11 HEIF: A New Camera Format Saves iPhone Photos with Less Space

Many Apple users face the problem that iPhone runs out of storage after storing much data. Luckily, Apple makes many improvements in iOS 11 to free up more space on iPhone iPad, like iPhone storage recommendations,  offload unused app, etc. In this post, we will focus on another refreshed update in iOS 11 –  Apple replaces JPEG with High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF), which is a new image format aiming at saving more available iPhone space. HEIF is the default format for saving iOS 11 photos , so after we take pictures with iPhone camera, these pictures will be auto saved in HEIF on Camera Roll. Now, let us see how iOS 11 HEIF saves iPhone space.

iOS 11 HEIF Image Format
iOS 11 HEIF Image Format

Based on advanced tech, iOS 11 HEIF can compress iPhone photos to much smaller size. But it won’t damage the image quality. Comparing with JPEG in iOS 10, it is tested that HEIF is able to save nearly 50% storage. For example, 9to5Mac made a test by saving the same photo in JPEG and HEIF, and test result is that  JPEG image size is 2 MB, while HEIF image size is only 1.2 MB.

With this new iOS 11 image format,  we will use less space to save more photos with high quality, which brings benefits to us,  especially the persons who have low iPhone storage like 16 GB.

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