How to Sync Messages Across iPhone iPad with iCloud

At WWDC 2017, Apple announced the new iOS 11 on June 5. There is a refreshed update called “Messages on iCloud” in iOS 11, which means chat history in Messages app can be synced to iCloud, so that you can access messages on any of your iOS devices. Now, let us focus on the potential benefits that iOS 11 messages syncing may bring and how to use iCloud Messages Sync feature in iOS 11.

The Benefits of iOS 11 Messages Syncing Feature

As we know, iOS 10 messages can be saved to iCloud Backup, but can’t be synced to, which causes inconvenience when you want to sync messages from one iOS device to another. Now things get much easily with the iOS 11 messages sync feature.

Once you enable this feature, all your messages will be synced to iCloud automatically, and keep updated on all of your iOS devices. For example, if you delete a message from iPhone, this message also gets deleted from your iPad and iPod. In this way, you always get a hold of the latest message conversations. What’s more, your iOS storage will be optimized since there is no old unnecessary chat history taking up space. You can follow the below steps to enable the feature, after you install the official iOS 11 on your iPhone this September.

How to Enable iOS 11 Messages Syncing on iPhone

Step 1. Proceed to Settings > Messages.

How to enable messages syncing to iCloud in iOS 11
How to enable iOS 11 messages syncing to iCloud

Step 2. Under Messages, you will see a feature named “Messages on iCloud”, just turn it on. If you want a manual syncing, just tap “Sync Now”. If not, an auto-syncing will take place under a Wi-Fi connection.

Turn on Messages on iCloud in iOS 11
Turn on Messages on iCloud in iOS 11 on iPhone

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