iOS 11 New iMessage Effects: Echo and Spotlight

iOS 10 brought big updates to iMessage last year. The most notable of which are interesting message bubbles and screen animations. In the current beta version of iOS 11, there are two new iMessage screen effects called Echo and Spotlight founded in Messages app.

How iOS 11 New iMessage Screen Effects Look Like

The Echo effect will repeat your message bubbles in different sizes across the screen and the Spotlight effect will concentrate a beam of light to your message and leave the outside area in shadow.

Here are two GIFs showing how you can animate your screen with Echo and Spotlight effect in iOS 11:

iOS 11 new iMessage effects - Echo
iOS 11 New iMessage Screen Effects – Echo

In addition to text, you can also send emoji with Echo effect, then your friend’s iPhone screen will be filled up with funny emojis. By the way, don’t use this effect when you send the Pile of Poo emoji.

iOS 11 new iMessage effects - Spotlight
iOS 11 iMessage Screen Effects – Spotlight

How to Send iOS 11 iMessage Screen Effects to Other iPhone Users

  1. Enter a contact or go to an existing conversation in Messages app.
  2. Enter your text and long press the blue round button in the right of text box.

    Send iMessage Effects in iOS 11
    Send iMessage Effects in iOS 11
  3. Preview the screen effects and tap the blue round button to send message with full-screen animations.

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