iOS 11 Public Beta Bugs and Issues We’ve Got

To use the enticing iOS 11 features in advance, you may like to try the recently released iOS 11 public beta 1. But you are worried about the bugs and issues. So you would like to know something on this. The first public beta of iOS 11 was released some days ago. And we’ve got some bugs and issues people have met after upgrading to iOS 11 Public Beta 1. Let’s have a look!

The list of iOS 11 Public Beta Bugs and Issues

1. Screen Recording Not Working in iOS 11 Public Beta 1

Some testers said their recorded videos couldn’t be saved to Photos app in iOS 11 Public Beta 1.

[Bug]iOS 11 Public Beta screen recording not working from iOSBeta

2. Charging not working on iOS 11 public beta 1 [iPad Air 2, iPhone 5s, etc ]

Some people reported that their devices don’t charge until you unplug the power outlet off and on.

[bug] charging sometimes doesn’t work on the iOS 11 public beta. from iOSBeta

3. iCloud Music Library issues in iOS 11

SlighMD reported that there is a issue on iCloud Music Library after updating to public beta 1. And iCloud Music library auto-turn off and can’t add music to iCloud.

[Bugs] Cannot turn on iCloud Music library in settings from iOSBeta

4. App Switcher doesn’t work to close app.

Just like the issue on iOS developer beta 2, App Switcher to close app by swiping up sometimes doesn’t work on your device after updating to iOS 11 public beta 1.

5. Can’t pair Apple Watch.

It reported that you may can’t pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone after updating to iOS 11 public beta.

6. Cannot connect to App Store.

Lots of testers reported they can’t connect device to App Store after upgrading to the public beta. Some of them fixed it by removing all profiles under Settings > General > Profiles, but someone still can’t access Apple Store.

7. Can’t downgrade back to iOS 10.

It reported some users met this issue and can’t downgrde from iOS 11 public beta to iOS 10.3.X.

[Bugs] Cant restore to iOS 10 after being on iOS 11 Public Beta from iOSBeta

If you also got some bugs after upgrading to iOS 11 public beta, be free to share it on comment section below to discuss.

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    1. Have you tried the tip to remove profiles via Settings > General > Profiles? Someone said it works to fix App Store not connecting issue.

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