iOS 11 Wishlist: Does It Include Yours?

Updated: We’ve installed iOS 11 beta 1 and start testing, know what we found on iOS 11 features >>

The operating system plays an important role on Smartphone and the features of the operating system becomes critical points people will check before buying a Smartphone. As the operating system of Apple phones,the iOS is always being improved to satisfy its users demands, and tomorrow in the 2017 Apple WWDC event, Apple is expected to officially disclose the features of this year’s biggest iOS update – iOS 11. And before the release, everyone has their wishlist on this new iOS. In this post, we will list some hot iOS 11 wishlist.

iOS 11 Wishlist
iOS 11 Wishlist

Apple User: We Love Dark Mode, Please Add It to iOS 11

iOS users expected Apple to add Dark Mode to iOS for years. Apple doesn’t do this, although it has featured Apple TV with “Dark Appearance” since last year.

The rumor said the new iPhone 8 would use the OLED screen, and the dark mode would be a nice feature to reduce device power consumption. Besides Dark Mode, people also expected Apple to add ThemeKit tools, and gives them more choices on their iPhone appearance.

Please Display Weather Condition on CarPlay

Although people can access the weather forecast through Siri or other methods, they can’t see anything related to weather condition on the CarPlay interface. It could be a nice feature if the CarPlay shows drivers the current weather and reminds drivers the rains and dangerous conditions where they will driving to.

Enable Gifs Play Feature on Photos App

Many people love to collect and share funny gifs, but there is no GIF preview feature on iPhone photo app. And this feature should be some basic for photos app.

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Please Re-Design Volume Controls, It’s Annoying

When you adjust the volume of video playing on your iOS device, it will pop out a big volume control panel, which is annoying. So many users wish Apple to remove this useless feature from the coming iOS 11. Or at least, change it to be small.

Other iOS Wishlist:

  • Add Group FaceTime calling feature.
  • Bing “Download All” button to Apple Music.
  • Add temporary share button after screenshot to quickly share screenshot to friends.
  • Open files with default app. And users can select the default app for file formats.
  • Customizable control center.

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