How to Fix iPhone Alarm Snooze Problems

When your iPhone alarm goes off, you can press the Snooze button to get alarm muted and start to sleep again for 9 minutes. After 9 minutes, your iPhone alarm will ring again to wake you up. But what if the Alarm Snooze not working on your iPhone? Will you oversleep?

Recently, some people did meet the snooze issue on their iPhones after updating to the new iOS 11 and iOS 11.1.2.  B2XY said he met one iOS 11 snooze bug – the alarm didn’t ring after 9 minutes snooze, and the snooze counted into negative minutes, which made him oversleep.

iPhone Alarm Snooze Not Working
iPhone Alarm Snooze Not Working

If you also encounter the similar annoying snooze issue, what can you do to fix it? If you are confused, this post may be helpful – we offer you 5 tips that you can try.

How to Fix iPhone Alarm Snooze Not Working

iPhone alarm issues often came after installing third-party alarm app, changing settings on Clock app, updating to new software or restoring from backup. And there are some common tips to fix the snooze problem here.

Tip 1. Uninstall 3rd-party Alarm app. Your installed Alarm app may conflict with the default iOS 11 Clock app. So you can try to uninstall the 3rd party app to fix your issue.

Tip 2. Delete all alarms on Clock app and add new alarm.

Tip 3. Retart your iPhone and then reset all settings. You can go to Settings > General > Reset, to reset all settings on your iPhone, but you should notice that this operation will erase all your personal preferences and network settings.

Tip 4. If it’s iOS software bug , you have to wait for the bug fix from the coming software update.

Tip 5. Try another restore from backup get all Alarm settings back to your device.

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