How to Fix iPhone 7 GPS Accuracy Issues

iPhone GPS issues on Map
iPhone 7 GPS problem on Map

“Is anyone having issues with GPS on the iPhone 7? In Maps, my “location” (i.e., blue dot) is jumping all around my current location. It doesn’t seem to be getting a lock on my actual GPS location. I have noticed that it also affects other apps that use GPS.” – JetEngr19 reported in Apple forum.

GPS service on your iPhone could be very useful and important, whether you are using GPS for direction or playing Pokémon GO. But recently, many Apple users are bothered by iPhone 7 GPS accuracy issues, like the error “GPS signal not found” when playing Pokémon GO, location keeps jumping in miles and sometimes even goes the wrong way when using GPS for direction, recorded route is not precise when running, or the problem as we showed above. But What cause the iPhone 7 GPS accuracy issues and how to fix?

What cause iPhone 7 GPS accuracy issues? And are there some potential tips to fix this GPS issues?

Many iPhone users reported after they upgraded their iPhone 5/6/6s to the latest iOS version, sometimes, the GPS service works not as well as the former iOS version. And the same issues also occur on the new iPhone 7 with iOS 10. Accordingly, this iPhone GPS issue seems like a software issue. But none of us can be completely sure about the real cause. Now, iOS 10.3.3 is released, hope iOS 10.3.3 GPS will work well. If iPhone 7 GPS issues still occur in iOS 10.3.3, you can also refer this post to try to solve them.

In this post, we’ll list some potential solutions that may be helpful to fix this iPhone 7 GPS issues. And if you met iPhone 7 GPS problem like iPhone 7 GPS constantly changing in maps, you can try the following solutions to fix.

1. Make sure Location Services on your iPhone is on, in Settings > Privacy.

Turn on Location Services
Turn on Location Services

2. Turn on Airplane mode, then turn it off.

Turn on Airplane Mode and turn it off
Turn on Airplane Mode and turn it off

3. Make sure you correctly set your date and time in Settings > Date & Time, then choose “Set Automatically”.

Reset Date & Time
Reset Date & Time

4. Refresh Location Services on your iPhone by turning off and then turning it on.

5. Check out whether you have granted apps with location permission.

6. Update the app (if you only face iPhone 7 GPS not working when performing a specific app, you can try to fix by updating the app to the latest version).

7. Turn off LTE and choose 3G, in Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice and Data.

8. Select “Reset Network Settings” in Settings > General > Reset, enter your account and password if asked.

9. Set your iPhone to factory settings.

If GPS service on your iPhone is still not working

After you tried all the potential solutions we showed above, if you still can’t fix your iPhone GPS accuracy issues like iPhone 7 GPS constantly changing in maps, you can contact Apple to ask for help.

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  1. I have the same problem. After 4 months apple confirmed that they changed the GPS chip set and that makes it more sensitive to interference in my Car. (iPhone 6+, 5s & 5SE work). The phone is working as designed and I need to change my car 😉

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