iPhone Keeps Dropping Home WiFi? Is There A Solution?

“My iPhone 7 keeps dropping WiFi signal of my house router. This happened after my update to iOS 10.3.3, and it randomly shutting off WiFi. I’ve tried power off the phone and then tune on it back to get the WiFi connection again, but this seems not work. Anyone else having this problem and how to fix this iPhone dropping WiFi issue?”

Lots of people have ever got this WiFi dropping issue on iPhone before. And I am one of them. On July of this year 2017, my iPhone keep losing WiFi connection when unlocked, which makes page visiting, app running so slow and even crashed.

I’ve tested lots of methods to fix this WiFi issues and finally found it’s my router causing this issue. Of course, the cause differs from people to people. It’s hard to figure out what cause yours. So in this post, I am going to try to cover the basics on how WiFi works, how to check what causes wifi issue, and list some tips to help you get out.

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How to check what causes “iPhone Wi-Fi dropping”?

If you know how WiFi works, you will clearly know how to check what causes your iPhone WiFi dropping. To make WiFi connection goes well on your device, it needs some necessary parts, including Ethernet network, router and your iOS device. In addition, each part should works on a good condition, and the distance between your device and router should be not too big. To check what part goes wrong, you can follow the below steps.

  • Use another device to connect the Wi-Fi. If another iOS device is able to connect to Wi-Fi, it’s may be the problem of your device.
  • Change another Wi-Fi network. You can have a try on another wireless network, such as your neighbor’s. If your network goes fast with another Wi-Fi signal, this issue may be not in your iPhone but the router or the Ethernet.
  • Read your router using guide to know whether the cause is the Ethernet. Usually, the Ethernet signal light will tell you whether the Ethernet signal weak or not.
  • Change and use another router. You can change another router and try again to check whether your router get problem to connect the Wi-Fi.

Tricks to fix “iPhone Dropping WiFi Constantly”

Fixes are differ from the cause to WiFi dropping, and below we listed the common tips based on the cause (iOS settings, iOS hardware issue, Router framework issue, Router hardware issue, Ethernet issue).

  1. Restart your device. (iOS settings)
  2. Reconnect the Wi-Fi.  (iOS settings)
  3. DNS setting. Your DNS may be wrongly changed. You can set the DNS of your Wi-Fi to be Google’s DNS and try again. Go to Settings > WLAN, find the Wi-Fi you are using, and tap the exclamation symbol on the right of your Wi-Fi. Then tap the DNS and change it to “” or “”.  (iOS settings)
  4. Disable VPN. if you are using VPN, try to disable the VPN and try again.  (iOS settings)
  5. Reset Network Settings. This method will remove passwords and lists of all saved WiFi networks on your device. Settings > General > Reset >Reset Network Settings. And after the resetting, join WiFi again, and have a try.  (iOS settings)
  6. Restore your device. If your Wi-Fi worked well in iOS 10 but keeps dropping after update to iOS 10.3.2 or iOS 11 public beta, the issue may be caused by the bugs in iOS software, so you can have a downgrade or have a restore, or you can wait for the upcoming update to fix it. (iOS settings)
  7. Repair your iPhone. If your iPhone ever got some physical damage or was born with defect, the WiFi component may not work well. So you need take it to Apple Store for help. (iPhone hardware issue)
  8. Reboot the router. Unplug the power of your router. After some minutes, plug your router to power again and try again. (Router operating system issue)
  9. Update the framework of your router. (Router framework issue)
  10. Change another router. (Router hardware issue)
  11. Call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to fix the Ethernet network issue. (Ethernet issue)

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One thought on “iPhone Keeps Dropping Home WiFi? Is There A Solution?”

  1. I have tried just about all of these “fixes” and nothing works – ever since upgrading to iOS 10.0.3 the WiFi has been dropping intermittently whil eusing the phone and every time the phone screen is locked and phone is idle. I have reset and reconfigured everything that can be reconfigured and reset and the problem still persists. iOS 11.1 did not address the issue and neither has iOS 11.2 beta. I managed to roll my phone back to 10.0.2 (last known version when WiFi connection was stable) and my iPhone 6 was perfect – no issues with WiFi at all. Upgraded to 11.1 and the WiFi intermittent dropping issue started again. Apple needs to do something about this as it is clearly a software issue and not a hardware issue.

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