What to Do If iPhone Keeps Losing WiFi Connection?

What to do if iPhone keeps losing WiFi connection? Even you turn the WiFi off and then back on again, it seems that it’s unable to find connections. This can certainly be very annoying, especially if it’s happening continually. There are a few ways to help you fix this issue if your iPhone keeps losing WiFi connection.

What to Do If iPhone Keeps Losing WiFi Connection?

1. For a quick fix. Refresh your router by turning it OFF then back ON again (unplug from power). And then wait for 1-2 minutes between cycling OFF and turning back ON. In the most times, the WiFi will reconnect.

2. Reset Network Settings. Go to Settings on your iPhone > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Then go to Wi-Fi and give authentication again to connect. Don’t do this step if you don’t know your WiFi password(s)!

3. Reboot the Device. You can reboot it manually or force restart by pressing the home and lock button together for 10 seconds. Once the device is restarted, check if the connection is now stable.

4. Update iOS device. If there’s a minor iOS update, you can perform this upgrade at first. Check Settings > General > Software Update. If possible, update via iTunes–users report consistent and stable updates using iTunes versus OTA.

After trying these methods above, you should have fixed the problem. If you still haven’t, please go to the nearest Apple store for help.

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