Why iPhone Keeps Turning off And back on?

Many users complained that their iPhones keeps shutting off repeatedly on their own. If you’re experiencing this, don’t worry, you might be able to fix your problem without turning to the Apple store. In this article, I will provide you some common ways to solve your issue. I sincerely hope that they can help you.

1. Force Restart

A hard reset is the simplest way to change reverse your situation. After you restart your iPhone, some minor system glitches and errors can be fixed. Thus if your iPhone keeps shutting off repeatedly without your permission, please give this easy method a try.

2. Update Your iPhone

Apple has been updating the iOS system to improve system performance and fix some minor bugs. The new iOS 12.1.2 prepares everything you need to get rid of the bug. It also can prevent other things you haven’t even dealt with yet. Meanwhile, Apple provide a detailed guide about how to update your iPhone.

3. Restore Your iPhone

If your problem persists after you try the above methods, you can try to restore your iPhone in iTunes. Please feel free that it is easy to do so. After you done all, see if your iPhone stays on.

4. Contact Apple

But if our methods still fail to solve your iPhone issue, I am so sorry that I may fail to solve your issue this time. To get the efficient solution soon, you have to contact Apple Support Team at support@apple.com directly. But I strongly believe they will help you solve this issue soon.

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