Why iPhone Notification Not Working?

Notification Center is a feature in iOS and macOS that provides an overview of alerts from applications. It displays notifications after user completes an associated action. User can get quick information without checking it immediately. With it, user will not miss any single important alerts. But sometimes, you may encounter the issue that iPhone notification not working anymore. In this article, I will provide you some information about the problem and help you solve the issue.

5 Possible Reasons Why iPhone Notification Not Working

1. Do Not Disturb has been turned on.

2. Your iPhone is in Silent Mode.

3. Temporary malfunction of the App.

4. Unstable internet connection.

5. Notification is not supporting the Applications.

6 Suggestions

1. Please turn off Do Not Disturb option. It is easy to do: Go Settings > Do Not Disturb > Turn off “Do Not Disturb” option.

2. Please make sure that the Mute switch which is on the side of your iPhone is not on.

3. Please restart your device to check whether the issue can be solved or not.

4. To get a notification, Internet connection is needed. Please make sure the Internet connection is stable and fine.

5. Please check whether notification is supporting the Application or not. Go Settings > Tap Notification > Tap the App > Turn on Allow Notifications.

6. If the issue still persists, please update your iOS to the latest version which may can solve the notification not working issue.

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