How to do if iPhone Recent Call History Disappeared?

Call history plays an essential role in our daily life, which allows you to see a list of people (your contacts and other strangers) who have called you. The recent call history on your iPhone disappearing all of sudden may bother you. How to do if iPhone recent call history disappeared? This article will provide some tricks to help you fix the issue.

How to do if iPhone Recent Call History Disappeared

1. Restart your iPhone

Try this firstly. Simply restart your device to fix this problem. This is a very simple process. You can shut down your device by going to Settings > General > Shut Down. Or check out this article with steps to Restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

2. Force close the Phone app and restart

You can close all Phone apps and restart again. Do not worry! This will not delete anything.

3. Reset all Settings

Please go to Settings > General > Reset. Then tap Reset all Settings. This will reset the iPhone settings, but not erase personal information such as photos, contacts, or music. Note that resetting your all settings of iPhone will erase your network settings like your Wi-Fi or VPN passwords settings etc. Please make sure you have those settings and passwords before you reset all settings on your iPhone.

4. Disable and enable Cellular

On your iPhone, tap Settings > go to Cellular and turn off Cellular Data. Then wait several seconds, and turn it back on.

5. Enable and disable Airplane Mode

On your iPhone, go to Settings and turn on Airplane mode and wait several seconds. Then turn Airplane Mode off again.

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