How to Fix Message Icon Missing from Share Menu in iOS 11

Share extensions on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch let users share information from current context to apps. As we know, the Message extension is integrated into the share extensions and enabled by default. Hence users can quickly share pictures, links, contacts, or other items to friends via Message extension from current screen instead of going to Messages app. However, in iOS 11, some iPhone users find that the Message icon is missing from share menu when in apps.

“After upgrade to iOS11 I am not able anymore share a contact via message, either SMS or iMessage. The option is not offered but only Mail and few other like WhatsApp. Is it iOS 11 bug or some setting in very hidden option?”

MirekFiala from Apple Communities

Without Message option in share sheet, you can only text or iMessage items within the Messages app. So how to fix Message icon missing from share menu in iOS 11? We’ll take you through the question in this article.

iOS 11 Share Extensions
iOS 11 Share Extensions

How to Fix Message Icon Missing from Share Menu in iOS 11

Solution 1. Remove MDM profiles on iPhone

Actually, the Message share extension missing problem in iOS 11 is related to MDM (Mobile Device Management) profiles, which are usually installed by your workplace to protect corporate data. That’ why users who installed apps like MobileIron, VMware AirWatch, Maas360 and others cannot share items via Message from share sheet. To check whether you have MDM profiles installed on iPhone, go to Settings > General > Profiles. If yes, you can delete the configuration profiles to get back missing Message icon in iOS 11 share sheet.

Message icon Missing from iOS 11 Share Menu
Message icon Missing from iOS 11 Share Menu

Solution 2. Contact MDM administrator to update the profiles

If you are using business phone and unable to remove the MDM profiles, the direct way to fix Message option missing from share menu in iOS 11 for you is to contact your MDM administrator or IT department to update the configuration profiles.

Solution 3. Update your iPhone to iOS 11.1

According to some users, iOS 11.1 finally resolved the issue. Therefore, you can also update your iPhone to iOS 11.1 or later iOS version to fix Message icon missing from share menu. To check iOS software update, go to Settings > General > Software update.

Check iOS Update
Fix Message icon Missing from Share Menu in iOS 11 – Update iOS Software

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