How to Turn off Camera Sound on iPhone 8

iPhone 8 has an excellent camera. With it, we can take more interesting and meaningful pictures to record our life. But sometimes the loud shutter sound may become annoying noises in some places such as concerts, art exhibitions, etc. In this article, we will show you how to turn off the shutter sound on the iPhone 8 so that you can take pictures without disturbing anyone in public.

Use the Mute Switch

This mute switch is located at the upper left of iPhone 8. You can move down to turn iPhone’ s sound until turn on the silent switch. Then you will feel the iPhone vibrate and the button will show an orange stripe. But please note that it will also mute all notifications, incoming calls, and other alerts. Thus to avoid missing any important messages, please turn things back on afterwards.

Turn down the Volume

Turning down the volume is another easy way to turn off the camera shutter sound. But if you do this in the camera app, your iPhone will be in burst mode when you start taking pictures. Alternatively, you can turn volume down from the control center by swiping up from the bottom of the iPhone and then swiping left to reveal the volume control.


But in some countries like Korea and Japan, to protect the privacy of people in public, the camera shutter sound must be turned on. If you’re in these countries, even if you mute the iPhone, your camera app will still make a sound. Thus to avoid any embarrassment, you had better do not take pictures in public.

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