What to Do If Unable to Activate Touch ID on iPhone 7

“After updating my iPhone 7 to iOS 10.2.1, message said it unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone 7. All works well in iOS 10.1, so what happened on my new iPhone? Tried restoring device but didn’t work. And can’t downgrade to iOS 10.1, confused.“

You may get the same issue that Touch ID not working on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus after updating to new iOS 10.2.1 update. And after you reset your iPhone or restore your device, the issue still exists. So what can you do to fix this Touch ID problems? Here we give you some tips.

Methods to Fix Touch ID Not Working on iPhone 7

  1. Firstly, make sure you use the correct finger to activate your Touch ID on your iPhone, and you can try another finger if you are not sure.
  2. And you should put your finger and cover the “Home” button in a usual way instead of pressing so hard, or moving quickly on your Home button.
  3. You can try to clean your finger and Home button (Touch ID sensor) on your iPhone 7, because the liquid, screen protector or dust may stop you correctly activating Touch ID on your device.
  4. Check whether you enable Touch ID for iPhone Unlock, Apple Pay, iTunes & App Store on Settings > Touch ID & Passcode.
  5. If you have enables all features under Touch ID & Passcode, you can add a new Fingerprint and have another try.
  6. You can restart your iPhone 7, because this is the basic tips that can help you solve most of iOS problems, of course including this Touch ID not working problem.
  7. If you are not running in the latest iOS software on your iPhone 7, you can update iOS to be latest and try again.

Touch ID is now playing an important role on an iOS device, for making purchases or unlocking your iPhone 7, if you have tried all of the methods and cannot solve your Touch ID problems, you can comment them here for discussion, we’ll try our best to help you out.

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