What Does iTunes Backup from iPhone 7/8/8 Plus/X

Apple iTunes helps you backup important data on iPhone to computer before any accidental damage or data loss on your device. And you can find these backup files on computer. For example, on Windows computer, you can go to/Users/(username) /AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/MobileSync/Backup/, and get backup files just like we show below. But these files seem encrypted and people don’t know what the backup files include. So what does iTunes backup from iPhone 7/7 Plus, or newly-released iPhone 8/8 Plus/X, and what does iTunes not save?

Backup files in iTunes backup
What does iTunes backup from iPhone 7

What does iTunes Backup from  iPhone 7/8/8 Plus/X

To make you know better what iTunes backup from an iPhone, we use one of top iTunes backup viewers to show you what’s exactly in an iTunes backup. We downloaded and installed one iTunes backup viewer – PhoneRescue, and use it to access an iPhone backup and it shows as below.

Data types in iTunes backup
Data types in iTunes Backup

As you can see on the screenshot, on the left, it lists the file types that you backed up from an iPhone to iTunes, such as contacts, messages and photos. And there are 3 main categories in your backup files.

1. iTunes Backup contains your personal info

Almost all personal data including contacts, call history, messages, message attachment, voicemail, calendar, reminders, notes, note attachment, Safari history and Safari bookmarks will be backed up to the backup file on your computer.

Personal data in iTunes backup
Personal data in iTunes Backup

2. Some media data will also be saved to iTunes

Usually, iTunes will backup your media like photos you taken, screenshots and voice memos on your iPhone or iPad. (But your purchased songs and movies will not be included in your iTunes library).

Media data in iTunes backup
Media data in iTunes backup

3. iTunes will also backup your app data

Although iTunes doesn’t backup apps but it does save your app data , such as app documents, audios and cached images.

App data in iTunes backup
App data in iTunes backup

What does iTunes not backup?

We’ve used PhoneRescue to show you the items iTunes backup from your iPhone 7, and iTunes does save almost all data and settings on your device just like Apple Inc. says. But there are some items it doesn’t backup. For example, your purchased content from the iTunes and Apple Store, items you synced from iTunes, photo already saved in the cloud, Apple pay information and settings, etc.


We are not sponsored with the app that we use in this post, and this app is not free. We just use its free feature to view iPhone backup on computer and tell people what’s in an iTunes backup.

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