How to Add Music to iPhone 7 from Computer with iTunes

Recently I have purchased a new iPhone 7. And I find there are two features in iTunes can get music to my new iPhone 7. One is to use syncing music feature, which is known to sync all songs to your new iPhone. But this syncing feature will remove all your existing data. So there is another feature Apple added in recent versions of iTunes to transfer a part of songs from iTunes library to your device without erasing. And in this post, we talk about this new iTunes feature to add music to your iPhone 7.

 What You Need Before Starting

  1. An iPhone 7.
  2. One USB cable for your iPhone 7.
  3. One computer in Windows or Mac computer.
  4. iTunes

How to Add Music to iPhone 7 with iTunes

Before starting, to make sure iTunes fully compatible with your iPhone 7, you need to download and install the latest version of iTunes to your computer.

Step 1. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone 7 to computer using USB cable (You computer may require you to download and install a driver to make your device recognized by your computer if it’s the first time you connect iPhone to your computer).

Step 2. If a message requires you to unlock your device, Trust This Computer or something else, just follow it.

Step 3. After your device is recognized, you will see the below iTunes interface. Then choose “Songs” as we show. Select songs you want to transfer, click “Add to Device” and choose your iPhone 7.

Add music to iPhone 7 with iTunes
Add music to iPhone 7 with iTunes

Step 4. You can go “Music” in Devices to check the transferring progress.

Check the transfering progress
Check the transferring progress

Step 5. If the transferring progress ends, you will see the songs you added to your device in Device >Music.

Check the music added to iPhone 7
Check the music added to iPhone 7

If iTunes not working to add iPhone music

When using iTunes, you may meet some iTunes problems  that stop you from transferring songs to your new iPhone 7. For example, if iTunes keep crashing and freezing. When this case happen, you can try to fix this issue by restarting your iTunes/computer, reinstalling iTunes or updating iTunes to the latest version. Of course, if all of these don’t work, you can try other methods we offer >>

You may know other ways to add songs from computer to iphone 7, please share them in comment section below.


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