How to Fix Software Update Failed Error When Downloading iOS 11 Beta

For convenience, many people choose to update their iPhones or iPad over the air. However, it may bring you some frustrating problem if you try to download and install iOS software updates wirelessly. For instance, you may fail to download iOS 11 with an error message saying “Software Update Failed. An error occurred downloading iOS 11.”

These days, some users come across this issue when they try to download and install iOS 11 beta on iPhone and iPad. And if you also run into this annoying issue and looking for solutions to fix software update failed error, you may like to read this post to get a couple of troubleshooting tips.

Software Update Failed When Downloading iOS 11 Beta
Software Update Failed When Downloading iOS 11 Beta

How to Fix iOS 11 Software Update Failed Error on iPhone or iPad

1. Wait for a few hours and try again

There are several reasons can lead to iOS 11 software update failed issue, and the most likely one could be related to Apple servers. Soon after Apple releases iOS 11, millions of iPhone and iPad users are trying to download and install it right away. The great burden to Apple servers may make it fail to answer some requests. Thus, you can wait for a few hours if you unfortunately get “Software Update Failed” error when downloading iOS 11.

2. Delete the beta profile and re-download it on your iPhone/iPad

If you get “Software Update Failed” error when downloading iOS 11 beta, you can delete the beta profile on your iOS device and then re-download it your iPhone or iPad.

To make it, go to Setting > General > Profile, then tap on iOS Beta Software Profile and tap on Remove Profile option to delete it.

Remove iOS Beta Software Profile
Remove iOS Beta Software Profile

Next, reboot your device and go to Apple Beta Software Program page to download iOS beta software profile again.

After installing the profile on your device, go to Settings > General > Software Update to download iOS 11 beta again.

3. Update to iOS 11 using iTunes

If you can’t download the official version of iOS 11 over the air, you can turn to iTunes to update your iPhone/iPad to iOS 11. Connect your device to computer > launch iTunes > Select your device > Click Check for Update option > Click Download and Update (Enter your iPhone/iPad passcode if asked).

Other Tips for Downloading & Installing iOS 11

Here are some tips to avoid “Software Update Failed” or other errors during iOS 11 update process:

  • Make sure you have a stable Wi-Fi connection on your iOS device.
  • Free up your iPhone/iPad to reclaim enough space to download and install iOS 11 update.
  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad has enough battery.

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