How to Fix Email Issues on iPhone iPad After iOS Update

Following the release of iOS 10.3.2, many of Apple users have updated their iPhone iPad to this new iOS version. However, after iOS upgrading, some of them encountered iOS  problems like battery draining fast, unresponsive Home button, voicemail won’t play, and the email issues as shown below.

In this post,  we are going to talk about the email issues people meet after an iOS software update, including the common iOS emails problems and the tips to fix these issues.

Email Issues People May Meet after iOS Update

According to feedback in Apple forum, we list the most common email issues that Apple users may meet after updating to iOS 10.3.2 or iOS 10.3.1.

  1.  Email can’t load the inboxes. [1]
  2. Emails can’t send. [2]
  3. Email app crashes after iOS update. [3]
  4. iOS not showing the latest emails. [4]
  5.  Fonts small in mail. [5]

7 Tips to Fix Email Issues on iPhone iPad

If you are stuck on some email issues on your iPhone Mail app, just like we list above, you can try to fix them by following the below basic tips.

1. Restart your Mail app.

2. Restart your iPhone iPad.

3. If Mail keeps asking you to enter a password for your email account, please make sure your password is right. And you can go to your email provider’s website to check your email address and password.

4. Check your email settings by going to Settings on your device > Mail > Accounts.

5. Delete the account that has issues.

Step 1. Open Settings app and choose Mail.

Step 2. Tap Accounts, select the account that has problem and tap Delete Account.

Delete account to fix email issues on iPhone
Delete account to fix email issues on iPhone

6. Remove your email account and set it up again.

Step 1. Open Settings app and choose Mail.

Step 2. Tap Accounts, choose your email account and scroll down, then tap Sign Out

Step 3. Proceed to Accounts, tap Add accounts and add your email account.

7. If you still can’t solve problem after all trials, just contact your email provider or system administrator to ask help.

We do hope this post will be helpful for you. If you have other iOS email solutions, please share with us in comment section.


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