How to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting After iOS Update

On July 19, 2017, Apple officially released a minor iOS update – iOS 10.3.3 for Apple users. And many of you may plan to grab this iOS version on device to get the bug fixed and security improved. However, after updating to the new iOS 10.3.3, your iPhone keeps restarting randomly. What’s worse, your iPhone continuously restarts and displays Apple logo, over and over again. In such case, the iPhone is totally unusable.In this post, we will show you some basic tips to get out of this iOS 10 restart issue.

We know Apple released iOS 11 beta to developers at WWDC 2017 on June 5, and a public beta will be available in late June. If you still meet iPhone restarting problem after updating to iOS 11 beta, you can also refer the below tips to try to fix it.

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7 Tips to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting after iOS 10.3.2/10.3.3 Upgrade

Before you follow the below tips to fix iPhone restarting issue, firstly you are suggested to backup your iOS device to iTunes or iCloud, in case any data loss due to some wrong actions.

   1.Update apps on your iPhone

Old versions of iPhone apps may cause your device keeps restarting. So make sure your apps are up to date and check whether there are the latest versions of apps in App Store. And you need to connect to Wi-Fi for updating.

  1. Open App Store and tap “Updates”.
  2. If updates are accessible, just click “Update All”.
  3. You need to enter Apple ID pass code if promoted.

   2. Restart or force restart your iOS device

Usually, performing a restart is a simply and efficient way to get your iPhone iPad back to normal and stop device from weird behaviors.

  • Restart your iPhone: hold sleep or wake button, slide to Power Off and turn on device again.
  • Force restart: hold both home and sleep buttons for at least 10 seconds until you see Apple logo.

   3. Reset all settings

This operation resets your iPhone to factory defaults, which is a reliable solution to solve certain problems following to iOS upgrade, with no data loss. Just proceed to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Reset all settings on iPhone to fix iPhone keeps restarting
Reset all settings on iPhone to fix iPhone keeps restarting

   4. Check iPhone charging port or change another cable

If iPhone restarting issue occurs during charging or connecting to computer, you need to look at Lightening charging port on the bottom of your iPhone. Check whether any dust or dirt is inside the port. If yes, try to clear them. And don’t forget to check headphone jack.

Besides, you can also change another data cable and charger, then see if restarting issue is solved.

   5. Restore from a backup

Doing a whole restoration from backup will clear all your iOS data and settings, then upload backup contents to your device, which brings you a chance to eliminate some software issues that cause your iPhone keeps restarting. Please bear in mind that doing a backup is crucial before restoring.

To know detailed steps to restore from backup, you can refer the two posts: how to restore from iTunes and how to restore from iCloud.

   6. Rely on iOS repair tool

After all trials, if your iPhone still keeps restarting, you are suggested to rely on some iOS repair tools like PhoneRescue to fix the issue.

   7. Contact Apple Support for help

If you can’t solve the iPhone restarting issue by yourself, you can simply contact Apple Support to ask for some help.

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  1. i turned off find my iphone and then it seemed to work again for some weird reason… i turend it off since if was about to do a restore. very annoying and very weird bug. but it since to be stable now after 25/30 something reboots. crazy bug ;P

  2. Seems to work only when connected to cable and reboots shortly after removing from charge and then repeatedly until battery dies…

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