Will You Get iOS 10.3 Issues When Updating iPhone iPad

Apple finally released the iOS 10.3 public version today, and brings news on its CarPlay, Maps, Calendar, Siri and Find My iPhone. After checking the compatibility, you may have decided to update this iOS update on your iPhone iPad. But you are afraid of getting issues and problems in the process of iOS 10.3 updating. So you want to know whether it is safe to update to iOS 10.3.

So is it safe to have this iOS 10.3 update?

Generally speaking, this iOS 10.3 update will be safer that previous versions. Because, this final version was released after seven betas, and the last 4 betas didn’t brings any new features but only the bug fixing, which made this final more stable than previous versions.

iOS 10.3 problems you may meet

Of course, some users may still meet issues when installing iOS 10.3. For example, people reported they encountered an error popped up when installing iOS 10.3 on iPhone, which stop them correctly install the new update. And some iPhone users complained their iPhone battery drain fast after the iOS 10.3 upgrade, and the wifi not working in iOS 10.3.

Unable to Update to iOS 10.3
iOS 10.3 Problems – Unable to Install Update

But overall, there are less issues than before. Therefore, after backing up your device, you can have a try on this new update to enjoy iOS 10.3 features.

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