iOS 10.3.3 Won’t Install? How to Fix iOS “Unable to Install” Error

Two months after the release of iOS 10.3.2, Apple seeded  iOS 10.3.3 on July with bug fixes and security improvements. With six betas testing, iOS 10.3.3 is actually a stable iOS version. Generally, it should be an easy task to install iOS 10.3.3 update over the air. But there are still some problems you may come across during the update process.

After downloading iOS 10.3.3 software and taping Install Now option on your iOS device, it will begin to install the update. However, you may find your iPhone gets stuck on Verifying Update screen, or says “Unable to Install Update. An error has occurred installing iOS 10.3.3.”

An Error Occurred Installing iOS 10.3
An Error Occurred Installing iOS 10.3

If you also get this error and can’t install iOS 10.3.3/iOS 10.3.2 on your iPhone or iPad, follow this article to get some essential tips to fix this issue.

Note: If you are now in iOS 10.3.2 and going to update to iOS 10.3.3 for a better experience, don’t forget to backup your iPhone/iPad with iCloud over Wi-Fi or backup your iPhone/iPad with iTunes from your computer.

 Why iOS 10.3.3/iOS 10.3.2 Won’t Install on iPhone or iPad

1. Internet connection issues

It require a stable network when installing iOS update. If you are unable to install iOS 10.3.3 on your iOS device, check you Internet connectivity  firstly. Have issues in connecting your iPhone/iPad to Wi-Fi network? Check: How to fix Wi-Fi issues in iOS 10.3 >

2. Apple server problems

Another factor that make iOS 10.3.3/iOS 10.3.2 won’t install on your iPhone or iPad should be Apple’s side. As Apple just rolled out iOS 10.3.3 in a few days, millions of iPhone and iPad users are trying to install the update. Apple’s server may get overloaded and fail to keep up with some of the requests. Therefore, the “Unable to Install Update” error usually occurs at this time.

How to Fix “An error occurred installing iOS 10.3.3 (iOS 10.3.2)” Error

1. Force restart your device

It seems that force restarting iPhone/iPad does the trick for some users. And you can also give this simple solution a try to see if it resolves this iOS 10.3.3/iOS 10.3.2 installing error.

  • On iPhone 6s and earlier and iPad: hold down the home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen and then let go.
  • On iPhone 7/7 Plus: hold down the Volume Down and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen and then let go.

2. Wait for a few hours before trying again

If a force restart doesn’t solve “Unable to Install Update” error while installing iOS 10.3.2/iOS 10.3.3. Relax, there should be a lot of other users are facing the same problem because of the heavy traffic on Apple servers. Thus, you just need to wait for a few hours and then try again.

3. Update to iOS 10.3.3 using iTunes

If you have retried on your device for several times and it still shows “an error occurred installing iOS 10.3.3”, the easiest way to solve this problem is to update your iPhone/iPad via iTunes on a computer. Here are the detailed steps to complete this task:

  • Connect your device to your computer and launch iTunes. To successfully update your device with iTunes, you can install the latest iTunes software on your computer.
  • Select your device and click Summary > Check for Update.
  • Click Download and Update, enter your passcode if asked.

Have other problems after updating to iOS 10.3.3/iOS 10.3.2? Read: How to fix common iOS 10.3.2/iOS 10.3.3 issues on iPhone/iPad >

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14 thoughts on “iOS 10.3.3 Won’t Install? How to Fix iOS “Unable to Install” Error”

  1. Hi, i tired updating using itunes but i get a message of “an error occured, there was a problem with iphone.” this has been going on for over an hour now and my phone automatically went in to recovery mode.
    At the moment, i cant access my phone and am worried.

    1. Ayodeji, have you tried to force restart your device, or something else to fix your recovery mode iPhone? Apple posted on this issue, and you can follow and have a try here.

  2. After updated my wife’s 5C the phone would not restart and had to be connected to iTunes after trying to update it then said it must be reset to factory settings and then updated from the last backup which installed 10.2.1.

  3. This is incredibly presumptuous of apple to think that everyone has a spare computer available to do an update to a phone that so much money was paid to purchase due to errors while attempting an update. This is very frustrating.

    1. Yes, though people can update iPhone to iOS 10.3 (or iOS 10.3.1) using iTunes, most of them still like to make it over the air. Here are some general solutions to fix this “Unable to Install Update” issue without computer:
      1. Reset Network Settings on iPhone.
      2. Force restart iPhone and then try again.
      3. Switch to another Wi-Fi network.

  4. Still having problems updating iOS 10.3.1. Keep getting the “Unable to Install…” error message. I have 2+GB of space, have downloaded and backed-out update several times, and shut the phone down several times. After I load the update, I still have 1.1 GB to install so should be no issues. Have tried iTunes to no avail. ITunes is on my PC which I can’t get to update iTunes. My iTunes on my pc is 12.2 so it’s outdated and wont accept my device. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  5. When I click “Check for Update” in iTunes, a finder window pops up as if I have the update on my local disk and need to select it. I don’t have the update. Anyone else see this?

  6. I have purchased 50 GB of cloud storage and I can’t download the newest update because I lack storage???? I downloaded the newest version of iTunes and tried to download pictures, videos, etc but again, there’s not enough storage. Very frustrating! What do I do???

    1. It seems that you’ve run out of internal space of your iPhone, not iCloud storage. And you can free up space on your iPhone with following tips:
      1. Delete old messages
      2. Clear browser cache
      3. Clear app documents and data
      4. Turn off Photo Stream
      5. Delete downloaded podcasts, songs, iBooks that you don’t need
      6. Turn on Optimize iPhone Storage in Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos

  7. Today, I am updating to the latest iOS 10.3.2, BUT FAIL, just like you posted, it shows an error occurred installing iOS 10.3.2. Tried your solutions, iTunes works well, thanks

  8. ive been updating all day and it is downloaded but when it comes time to install, it says unable to install. this has been going on most of the day. i have over 2gb of storage

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