Did iOS 11.0.1 Update Fix the Battery Issue in iOS 11 Final?

iOS 11.0.1 Software Update
iOS 11.0.1 Software Update

Several days after the iOS 11 release, Apple quickly released a small software update – iOS 11.0.1 for iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPod touch 6th and later iOS devices. And it was said on twitter the battery life was greatly improved after this tiny software update.

So is it real that iOS 11.0.1 fixed the battery issue?

Just like any other small update, iOS 11.0.1 only brings some bug fixes and security improvements for the previous iOS update. Actually, Apple doesn’t announce this software has any improvements of battery on the security update page. And we found lots of people still had the battery issues in iOS 11.0.1, and there were only a part of iPhone 7 users reported the battery problem was fixed on their devices after installing the iOS 11.0.1.

So what about your iPhone iPad battery life in iOS 11.0.1? You can comment on the below section to share your device model and battery life situation. In addition, you can read our related post to improve battery life in iOS 11 and check battery health on your iPhone.

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3 thoughts on “Did iOS 11.0.1 Update Fix the Battery Issue in iOS 11 Final?”

  1. I’m having a 7 plus and it’s still not solved. My phone is heating and battery drains pretty fast

  2. iOS 11 and 11.1 are Horrible! Battery life in my poor iPhone 5s is SPORATIC! One min it’s 100%, next it’s at 48%.. I do a reboot, and it’s back up to 78%, next it’s 18%.(all within a matter of 30 mins!).
    Not only that, but I hate the new keyboard. Half the time, I end up with Numbers in my words because my fingers slide while typing and add the numbers in by accident! The new screen shot tools suck too. If I want to edit the screen shot, I’d go to my photos and do it myself! The whole LOOK of iOS 11 is a waste of cpu usage! Very ticked off!

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