iOS 11 Files App: Easily Manage Files on iPhone iPad and Cloud

On 2017 Apple WWDC event, new Files app appears in iOS 11 to enable you to easily manage documents and folders on your iPhone iPad, just like the way of managing documents on Mac and Windows. Below we talk about how the new iOS 11 Files app will manage your documents. 

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With Files app, you can access files on local and cloud server

Apple said, the new files app would gather all your files on your local iPhone iPad, and cloud server from iCloud Drive, Box, DropBox, Micrsoft OneDrive, Google Drive etc. And according to the response of cloud drive providers, they would like to support this feature and help users to access cloud-saved files on iOS device via Files app. For example, after Apple’s WWDC event, the OneDrive Team blogged that they will try their best to support iOS 11 Files app, and help its users to access OneDrive documents from all iOS device.

iOS 11 Files App
iOS 11 Files App

iOS 11 Files app supports various file types, including documents, folders, media files etc

According to Apple, iOS 11 Beta testers, and the news provider like Appleinsider, the Files app will supports various file formats, no matter office documents, folders and media files even the lossless audio format (FLAC).

New files app stores kinds of file formats - from
New files app stores kinds of file formats – from Appleinsider

How to Manage Files with the Files app in iOS 11

1. People can download documents and pictures to Files app

On iOS 11 beta, you can download and save documents to Files app via “Share” button on the bottom or top of your screen. We’ve tested, and used this method to download PDF from Safari and save pictures from Photos to Files app. And we believe that Apple will make this feature better in the iOS 11 final version. (iOS 11 Beta 2 shows there is a new Share section named “Save to Files” allows you to save files from other apps to Files app in iOS 11.)

Save PDF to Files App in iOS 11
Save PDF to Files App in iOS 11

As you can see on the step 3 of the screenshot, iOS 11 shows the same device list that appears on Files app. And it allows you to save PDF by choosing a location on the list. By tapping any item on the list, you can save PDF to Files app.

2. iOS Files app allows you do some basic management on local and cloud server

We’ve updated to iOS 11 beta and started our test, and we found some basic managing features that Files app supports.

iOS 11 Files App - Manage Documents
iOS 11 Files App – Manage Documents
  1. Preview documents and files like Word, Excel, PDF files, Photos.
  2. Share files via Messages, Email, Link and other methods.
  3. Move files between local device and cloud storage service.
  4. Delete files and folders from local or cloud storage.
  5. Rename file and folder name.
  6. Search files and sort files by name, date, size and tags.

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