How to Use iOS 11 Screen Recording on iPhone iPad [iOS 11 Feature]

After we downloaded and started testing iOS 11 beta on iPhone, we found a nice iOS built-in feature Screen Recording. We love this feature because it makes screen capture very easy without using QuickTime or other third-party apps.

You can read our post on how to record iPhone screen with QuickTime. And in this post, we will talk about how to record iPhone iPad screen with iOS 11 built in Screen Recording feature, and give you the step-by-step tutorial on how to use it.

iOS 11 Screen Recording
iOS 11 Screen Recording

About “iOS 11 Screen Recording”

Before iOS 11, you have to use third-party Screen Recorder apps to do the recording job. And some of them are not free, such as Wondershare iOS Screen Recorder ($19.95 for one year).

Now, the new iOS 11 Screen Recording feature starts a easy way to capture screen on iOS device without downloading or purchasing any 3rd-party app.

This iOS 11 built-in feature appears on Control Center panel. After you installing iOS 11 beta, you can simply go to Control Center and use this feature to capture what’s going on on your iPhone/iPad, and save records as video files which you can later share to other people or upload to website like YouTube.

How to Enable iOS 11 Screen Recording (iOS 11 Beta)

Step 1. Run Settings app.
Step 2. Tap Control Center > More Controls.
Step 3. Tap the Geen “+” on the left of Screen Recording to add it to Control Center.

How to Enable Screen Recording in iOS 11
How to Enable Screen Recording in iOS 11

How to Start Capturing iPhone Screen with Screen Recording

Step 1. Access Control Center by swiping up from the bottom edge of screen on your iPhone.
Step 2. Tap “Screen Recording” icon to start capturing your iPhone screen. If it success to record, the icon will turn to red just like the screenshot shows.

How to Use iOS 11 Screen Recording
How to Use iOS 11 Screen Recording

Tip: This built-in screen recording feature also enables you to choose whether add audios to your video recording. After swiping up to get the control center, just hold the “Screen Recording” icon to choose whether record iPhone iPad screen with audio.

How to Stop iOS 11 Screen Recording on iPhone iPad

To stop recording, tap the status bar. It will pop up a box that enables you to stop recording your iPhone screen.

How to Stop Screen Recording - iOS 11
How to Stop Screen Recording – iOS 11

After you tap Stop, there will be a notification said at the top of the screen reminds you the screen recording video is saved to Photos app. Just open your Photos app to check all Screen Recording videos.

July 13 Update:

You’re Also Able to Live Broadcast Your Screen in iOS 11

In addition to record your iPhone screen, you my be able to live stream what’s on your screen to YouTube, Amazon Twitch, or other third-party apps via iOS 11 native screen broadcast functionality.

iOS 11 Live Broadcast Feature
iOS 11 Live Broadcast Feature

In the third beta of iOS 11 for developers that released a couple of days ago, there is a new Start Broadcast option that can be accessed by long-pressing the record button in Control Center. However, it seems that this broadcast feature is still under developing. It will only capture your screen just like what Screen Recording button do and the video file will be also saved to your camera roll.

Anyway, the Broadcast is an interesting feature worth waiting and we may get more details about it in the upcoming iOS 11 beta versions.

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  1. Hi Enzo, thanks for your response on this post. And I tested the iOS 11 screen recording feature on my iPad mini 2 and found it also got the issue like you, my iPad won’t save the screen recording to my Photos app. And I restarted my iPad, and it still didn’t work. I think it’s a bug happens on iPad.

    But the recording feature did work on my iPhone 6s in iOS 11. And after you stops recording your screen, it will pop up notification telling you all recorded videos saved to Photos. Let’s wait for the next betas to solve this bug.

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