Will Apple Add Screenshot Notification Feature for iMessages in iOS 11?

The 2017 Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference ) will be held from June 5 to June 9 at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. It is said the upcoming iOS 11 will be introduced at the first-day keynote.

And, there is a widely-spread rumor on Twitter saying that iOS 11 will has one “Message Screenshot Notification” feature, which will send a notification alert to you after someone take a screenshot of the iMessage text message you send to him. And below is a demo of the iOS 11 screenshot alert feature.

iOS 11 screenshot alert for messages
iOS 11 screenshot alert for messages

Instagram already has the similar “screenshot alert” feature

Actually, some social apps have added the similar feature for years, just like Instagram. Instagram notifies you if someone take a screenshot of your temporary direct messages to him/her.

How people talk about this iOS 11 rumored “Screenshot Alert” feature

The rumor catches many Apple users’ eyes and some are freak out about it.

In order to verify whether iOS 11 screenshot notification for iMessages is true, Business Insider started digging into social medias and found the rumor source: A blogger named Jay Way who claimed on Twitter that he had told Apple about his idea for iMessage screenshot alerts in December. Then, this info is quickly spread on Twitter and causes a hot discussion among people.

But there is no evidence that Apple has accepted his advice. So just calm down, and we will know the iOS 11 screenshot notification is just a rumor or truth after Apple introduces iOS 11 at WWDC soon. (Updated: we don’t find any screenshot notification feature in iOS 11 betas. Instead, iOS 11 added screen recording feature can capture your Snapchat and Instagram pictures and messages without alerting.)

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