iPhone Charging Port Not Working? Fix Here

After using iPhone for a long time, you may meet some annoying issues, such as battery draining fast, iPhone screen freezes and iPhone overheating, etc. Another common problem is iPhone charging port not working. You have very low battery and plug into power with a workable charging cable, then you don’t see a lightning bolt in status bar and find it doesn’t charge. Or it charges for first few minutes and then disconnects. That’s very frustrating. In order to troubleshoot the issue, in this article, we offer you basic ways that probably be helpful.

 How to Fix iPhone Charging Port Not Working

1. Clean iPhone charging port

If charging port on your iPhone not working, firstly you’re suggested to take a close look at it and see whether any dust, dirt or debris are inside it. If yes, just follow the below steps to clean them out.

Step 1. Power off your device.

Power off iPhone
Power off iPhone

Step 2. Find a toothpick or a small needle, and scrape the inside of the port. Then gently and carefully remove the dirt, debris and dust.

Step 3. Then, firmly plug your charging cable into your device, and see whether it charges normally. If not, clear the port again and have a try.

2. Repair or replace the damaged charging port

After cleaning the charging port, you can try to charge your iPhone or connect it to computer, and see whether the port is back to normal. If it is still not working, it’s very likely the lighting port is loose or broken, you can go to an Apple retail store or Apple authorized service provider for repair or replace the port. You can also contact Apple Support team for help.

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