How to Fix iPhone Overheating Issue in iOS 11

“Since updating to iOS 11 beta 1 last week, my iPhone 7 Plus (128GB) often gets hot and the battery drains faster than before. Is anyone else experience this? Now I’m thinking if I should downgrade my iPhone from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.2.”

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Frankly speaking, iOS 11 public beta 1 and later public beta 2 are relatively stable test versions with less severe bugs. Nonetheless, there are still some issues in iOS 11 beta that cannot be overlooked. The main problems that many people complain about include iPhone overheating and battery draining fast.

iPhone Overheating Issue
iPhone Overheating Issue

We expect Apple to optimize battery management in the upcoming final version of iOS 11. But currently, how to fix iPhone overheating in iOS 11 beta? One choice for you is to downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.2. If you don’t want to downgrade your iPhone, keep reading on this article to get 7 essential tips to fix a hot iPhone in iOS 11.

7 Tips to Fix iPhone Overheating in iOS 11

1. Remove the case if you have

To protect iPhone from damage, you may to put cases on your iPhone. However, this may influence the dissipation performance of your iPhone. So if you have put your iPhone in a case, remove it to cool down your iPhone.

2. Stop playing games when your iPhone gets hot

Some graphically advanced games will tax the processor and heat up your iPhone. To avoid iPhone overheating, stop playing games when your iPhone begins to get hot.

3. Kill apps in the background

This can be helpful in saving battery life and cooling down your iPhone. To make it, double-click the Home button to see your most recently used apps and swipe up on each app to force close it.

Fix iPhone Overheating - Kill Apps in the Background
Fix iPhone Getting Hot – Kill Apps in the Background

4. Unplug your iPhone

If your iPhone gets hot while charging, unplug it and wait for a few minutes to see if it cools down. And if you face the same problem every time you charge your iPhone, you may need to change another official Apple cable or OEM charger.

5. Turn off Location Services and Bluetooth

The Location services and Bluetooth can also be the main reasons behind iPhone overheating issue. You can turn off Bluetooth feature from either Control Center or in Settings > Bluetooth. To turn off Location Services on your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Service.

Fix iPhone Overheating - Disable Location Services
Fix iPhone Overheating – Disable Location Services

6. Check background iCloud services

It could be possible that some iCloud services get stuck in the background. For example, if your last iCloud restoration is not completed, your iPhone will keep trying to restore iCloud backup in the background. This will also make your iPhone overheat. Therefore, check iCloud backup, iCloud Photo Library, or other related iCloud services to see if there is anything wrong.

7. Reset all setting on your iPhone

The last tip to fix iPhone overheating in iOS 11 is to reset all settings on your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Rest All Settings, enter your passcode when asked and then tap on Reset All Settings. This will reset all the settings of your iPhone, but it won’t delete the data.

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