iPhone 7 Stuck in “Headphone” Mode – How to Fix

Usually, the Headphone mode happens only when you put your headphone jack in your iPhone 7 or connected your AirPods with Bluetooth. But if your iPhone 7 get the same no-sound status like Headphone mode when you never connect headphones by using its new designed lightning connector, you got a problem.

Actually, years ago, people have met the similar issues on their iPhone 5/6/6s. And, there are some useful methods summarized to fix the no-sound headphone mode problem. Below let’s check these methods.

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How to Get Out of Headphone Mode on iPhone 7

Before trying these methods, don’t go to a store to repair your iPhone 7. And these methods may save your money.

  1. Restart or force restart your iPhone 7. You can hold on both Volume Down and Sleep/Wake buttons to force restart your iPhone 7.
  2. Insert and remove headphone jack 5-10 times when your iPhone 7 screen is active and unlocked.
  3. Clean the dust, water or other junks in lightning port of your iPhone 7.
  4. Update your iPhone software to be latest or restart your device from the latest backups.

iPhone 7 Stuck in Headphone Mode Still?

If your iPhone 7 still stuck in headphone mode after you tried all of these methods, you can seek help from Apple or find a store. Or you can leave your message here for a solution. If you have solved this headphone mode issue using some methods we didn’t offer here, you can share them here!

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