How to Fix iTunes Keeps Crashing and Freezing on Mac/PC

Apple iTunes aims to help you sync, backup and restore data on your iOS devices, and plays an important role in the management of your media files on your Windows and Mac computer. Apple keeps improving performances of iTunes software, but can’t stop variety of errors popping up when people try to sync, update, or restore iPhone/iPad with iTunes.

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iTunes Keeps Crashing
iTunes unexpected quits on Mac computer

Recently some users reported on forums saying iTunes keeps crashing and freezing after updating to new iTunes 12.6, and a user shared his experience on Apple Discussions:

“I updated iTunes to 12.6 yesterday and it continually crashes. I now have seven iTunes crash logs as well as one iTunesHelper crash log. Has anyone seen this? I am running on an early 2009 iMac so I’m topped out at 10.11.6, fully patched with whatever Apple allows updates to.”

You can neither restore nor update your iOS device with iTunes if iTunes keeps crashing or freezing. To fix this issue, you might like try following method.

Penitential Tips to Fix iTunes Keeps Crashing and Freezing

Actually, iTunes crashing is one of common issues happening on a PC or Mac. Sometimes you can easily fix it by a simply restart but sometimes it’s hard to resolve. Below we summarize some potential solutions for people in this trouble.

  1. Restart iTunes. You can restart you iTunes and try again.
  2. Sign out your iTunes account and then go to relaunch the iTunes. After you sign in again, your iTunes may work.
  3. Restart your computer and re-open iTunes app.
  4. Reinstall iTunes. Completely uninstall iTunes on your computer, download iTunes installer from Apple official site and then re-install it.
  5. Update iTunes to latest version.
  6. Downgrade iTunes to previous version. Give up the current version and downgrade to previous version if the previous works well.

Besides, people use alternative ways instead of trying hundreds of methods to fix iTunes crashing or freezing. For example, when crashing stops you from sync iPhone, you can use some iTunes alternatives to transfer data between your iPhone and computer or iTunes.

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  1. Very same issues – the application crashes on my 2009 MID MBP 8GB | 2TB. I thought it was the size of my catalog. Glad to know that I’m not alone.

    1. I am also meeting this iTunes crash issue when I updating my iPad to iOS 10.3.2. Frustrating! However I am lucky all goes well after update to latest iTunes software.

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