iTunes Won’t Sync Music to iPhone iPad? Here’s How to Fix

Just like the Apple users reported above, you may meet the issue that iTunes won’t sync music to iPhone iPad. This iTunes syncing problem might occur after you perform an iOS update, or when you sync iTunes songs or playlists to a new iPhone. In most cases, it relates to wrong music syncing settings on iTunes or iPhone, bad USB cable or network connection. In this post, we will provide some basic tips, which may be helpful to fix iTunes music syncing issue.

5 Tips to Fix “iTunes Won’t Sync Music to iPhone” Problem

When you meet the problem that iPhone not syncing music with iTunes, firstly you are suggested to try some common tips to fix it, like changing another USB cable, restarting iTunes, and checking network condition. If these tips don’t work, just follow the below methods to try to solve problems.

Tip 1. Update iTunes to the latest version (iTunes 12.6.1), and try to sync music again.

Tip 2. Turn off “iCloud Music Library”on your iPhone, going to Settings > Music.

Tip 3. Proceed to Settings on iPhone > Music, check whether “Show Apple Music” is on. If yes, just toggle it to off.

Turn off Show Apple Music to fix iTunes won't sync music
Turn off Show Apple Music to fix iTunes won’t sync music

Tip 4. Turn off “Show Apple Music” in iTunes on computer.

Windows: iTunes > Edit > Preferences > General > Uncheck “Show Apple Music” > Click “OK”.

Mac: iTunes > Preferences > General > Disable “Show Apple Music” > Click “OK”.

Turn off "Show Apple Music" in iTunes on Computer
Turn off “Show Apple Music” in iTunes on Computer

Tip 5. Make sure “Sync Music” feature is enabled in iTunes, and also check “Entire music library” is selected.

Check Sync Music in iTunes
Check Sync Music in iTunes

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